Pocket Dialing of 911by Criminal Leads to Arrest of Himself, Two Others

Pocket dialing is when a cell phone stuffed in someone's pocket accidentally dials an actual number. In perhaps the worst example of pocket dialing ever, three larceny suspects were arrested after police overheard planning break-ins in upstate New York when one of the pocket dialed "911."

Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh said that after the call came in, a dispatcher relayed the conversation to deputies. The men described their surroundings and discussed their plans as police listened, and even commented, "there go the cops now."

That information was enough to give a deputy enough of their location that he turned around and stopped their car, a Kia Sportage which was full of tools they had stolen from a business in the Syracuse suburb of Clay.

The dispatcher, still listening in, next heard the driver being asked for his license and registration. The men were arrested on April 26. They face grand larceny and stolen property charges.  It's unclear what type of cell phone the suspects were using, but there are smartphone apps that prevent pocket dialing, even if the phone is unlocked.
Via:  USA Today
coolice 3 years ago

Rofl! Karma's a ***, but a good one!!

fat78 3 years ago


3vi1 3 years ago

I'm glad they got the guys, but if this happened in reverse (police pocket-dial a random person and he listens to their conversation), they would charge him with violating state wiretapping laws (which is what they arrest you for when you videotape them in public).



Note:  The cop pulled the gun on him before even identifying himself as an officer.

dadodgeson 3 years ago

i agree with coolice Karma it's a *** some time but might have saved some ones life this time

inspector 3 years ago

lol, how much more fail can you get??? did he have 911 on speed dial? that would be weird... or just really unlucky if he pocket dialed 9-1-1...

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