Pioneer Shipping $250 8X BDR-2203 Blu-ray Writer

Just a few weeks back, Lite-On introduced its very own 8X Blu-ray Disc reader; today, Pioneer is one-upping that with its 8X Blu-ray Disc burner. The BDR-2203 picks up where the others have left off by adding in 8X BD writing (the fastest currently available for the format) as well as the traditional CD-R and DVD-R burning capabilities.

Aimed at professional authoring gurus and choosy HTPC owners, this new internal optical drive provides users with a solid brand name, top-notch burn support and the ability to play back 1080p films -- all for less than a standalone deck, in some cases. With the drive, users can burn up to 50GB of information onto a single BD-R or BD-RE disc -- assuming they can afford such pricey media, of course. Pioneer is also bundling a specialized CyberLink software package that provides all the goods necessary to burn BD-Rs. Speaking of which, it's estimated that 25GB of data can be written in around 15 minutes (on a single-layer BD-R), while 50GB of data will naturally take around a half hour (on a dual-layer 50GB disc).

The drive is expected to ship later this month for the reasonable asking price of $249.99.

BDR-2203 Specifications Table

Disc Media   Write Speed   Read Speed
BD-R   8X   8X
BD-R DL   8X   6X
BD-RE   2X   8X
BD-RE DL   2X   6X
BD-ROM   -   8X
BD-ROM DL   -   8X
DVD-R/+R SL   16X   16X
DVD-R/+R DL   8X   12X
DVD±RW SL   8X   12X
DVD-ROM SL   -   16X
DVD-ROM DL   -   12X
DVD-RAM   5X   5X
CD-R   32X   32X
CD-RW   24X   24X
CD-ROM   -   40X
Serial-ATA (SATA)  

Via:  BusinessWire
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yoda8232 5 years ago

$250 bucks? Come on.

Super Dave 5 years ago

Still too much. When HD-DVD surrendered WE ALL LOST, IMO.

yoda8232 5 years ago

No point of HD-DVD when Blu-Ray was here, Blu-Ray was better thus making HD-DVD die.

Der Meister 5 years ago

For a B-ray Rw drive its not too bad. Just think how expensive dvd burners use to be inrelation to CD burners...

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

[quote user="Der Meister"]

For a B-ray Rw drive its not too bad. Just think how expensive dvd burners use to be inrelation to CD burners...


Ha Yeah I remember picking up my first DVD burner when they hit the $99 mark. It was a 4x burner and I hardly used it because DVDs cost so much.

nelsoncp21 5 years ago

Yeah I think I paid around $80 for my first burner but then again it was a plextor. By the way have they like totally dropped off the map or something?

acarzt 5 years ago

I just picked up a Lite-On 6x Reader for $120 :-P I'll probably never even use it lol

yoda8232 5 years ago

Ah yeah this is a burner so that makes sense then.

Thought it was just a reader. -_-

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