PayPal Here Expanding Retail Presence With Invasion In AT&T Stores

Mobile payments may be the wave of the future, but NFC may still have some maturing to do. Meanwhile, physical card reading products like Square seem to be hitting the sweet spot in the here and now, and PayPal's not going to let the opportunity pass it by. PayPal's version of the Square reader, dubbed Here, is now on sale on AT&T stores. It's the first major foray into retail locations for PayPal Here, and it should definitely expose the option to a new crowd of potential users. Much like Square, Here enables users to plug a card reading dongle into a headphone jack, swipe a credit card and complete a transaction right on one's phone. It's a simple way to accept credit card payments for Craigslist sales and the like. Furthermore, PayPal has announced a partnership with Discover to access its seven million retail shops in the U.S. in the spring of 2013. Of course, PayPal has its fair share of pundits, and its customer service record is far from stellar, but a physical showcase will likely help it in the fight to stay current versus Square.

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sevags 2 years ago

Lots of info missing.... Like first off how does this tie into your Paypal account? When you barge someone's card do the funds get routed to your financial bank or to your Paypal account (a major deal breaker)? What will the % taken from each transaction be? Then you're saying this card reader will be up for SALE?!?!? At AT&T store??? Square and other card readers for the phone are FREE with Square being th best out of all of them the app is really simple to user and the creditcare reader is much smaller than competing designs including the giant ugly Paypal Here. My othe concern is that the card reader actually looks broken in the picture as that first triangle lookstombe sagging as if th glue came off and doesn't look like he reader shape on the screen of the phone unless its supposed to rotor for some unforeseen reason.

Everybody go with square from it's completely free ships to you really fast and works EXACTLY as advertised the hardware and on the software and service ends. Don't pay for bulky card readers.

Joseph Pianta 2 years ago

yeah all good questions and observations.

sevags 2 years ago

Oh and I hope they start designing card readers made for bottom positioned 3mm jacks lol

scifi4u 2 years ago

Before you rush out and drink Square's Kool-Aid you should consider PayAnywhere ( Unlike Square, you get a secure card reader, 24/7 live customer support, and a real merchant account. Square has no live support, and while they claim to have a secure reader somewhere, no one has seen it. Square also holds money on reserve if you have large charges. Neither Square or PayPal have real merchant accounts. All of you money goes into a giant bucket and if you've ever had a PayPal dispute, OMG it'll be 4-6 weeks if you ever see those funds.

sevags 2 years ago


What do you mean by secure card reader? I don't understand the security part of it how would just a card swipe offer security over another card swipe?

I can see how not having 24/7 support could be a big deal to some people especially real businesses but I don own a business and will never need their support just like in 12 years I have never contacted or been contacted by PayPal.

As for holding large deposits isn't that to be expected? I have had my main Citibank account for 22 years and there is still a withdrawal limit at an ATM and anything over 5k deposit I THINK and it's on hold especially over weekends.

I'm not seeing 1 deal breaker in your explanation and you aren't even saying the PayPal reader is better so not sur what you're saying.... But since all card readers and services seem to be about the same I still like Square it's FREE, small best designed reader, fast growing. If you want to pay for a bulky card reader go for it?

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