PayLo Offers Contract-Free $20/Month Mobile Plan

It's getting easier and easier to avoid the major four mobile carriers in America, and more importantly, to avoid those long-term contracts that lock you in and refuse to let go. Of course, the biggest and most cutting-edge smartphones will continue to go to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, and all of them will require those 2-year contracts, but if you don't really care about what phone makes and receives your calls/texts, Virgin Mobile has a tempting new offer.

PayLo is an all-new pay-as-you-go brand designed for light mobile users, offering a 400-minute plan for just $20/month and prepaid minutes as cheap as $0.05/min. The new plans and phones will be available online as well as at RadioShack and Best Buy; best of all, there's no activation or termination fees and no long-term contracts. Users can even purchase mobile data by the day and texts per use if they choose. If you aren't a heavy user, but just want something on you in case of emergency, this certainly looks like a great option. The specifics are below.

 payLo™ by Virgin Mobile Launches with Minutes as Low as 5 Cents

One of the Lowest Pay-As-You-Go Offers in Industry for Budget-Conscious Customers

WARREN, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--payLo™ by Virgin Mobile launched today as the newest extension of Sprint’s powerhouse prepaid portfolio. payLo by Virgin Mobile offers a 400-minute plan for just $20 a month, providing budget-conscious consumers one of the best prepaid wireless values with minutes as low as 5 cents.

    “payLo is perfect for low-usage wireless consumers who primarily use voice to stay connected and are looking to keep their wireless spending to roughly $20 or less per month”

This new sub-brand is available now at and will begin rolling out at retail this month in drug and convenience stores as well as RadioShack and Best Buy. With payLo by Virgin Mobile, there are no activation or termination fees and no long-term contracts.

“payLo is perfect for low-usage wireless consumers who primarily use voice to stay connected and are looking to keep their wireless spending to roughly $20 or less per month,” said Neil Lindsay, chief marketing officer, Virgin Mobile USA. “Pay-as-you-go has been the bread and butter of Virgin Mobile’s base and growth. With the recent introduction of Virgin Mobile’s new Beyond Talk monthly plans for data-centric wireless consumers, we wanted to continue to serve these voice-focused customers the best we can with pay-by-the-minute offers. It’s the perfect complement to our multibrand strategy.”

Easy-to-use plans

Simple and easy, payLo by Virgin Mobile includes customer-friendly plans as part of the simplified portfolio:

    * On the 400-Minute Plan, a customer gets minutes as low as 5 cents each for one month for $20.
    * For those customers who use their phone less frequently, a second option of adding $20 maintains an active account for 90 days and allows customers to take advantage of the basic rate of 20 cents each, for a monthly cost to consumers that can be as low as $7.


payLo by Virgin Mobile offers handsets with the most basic functions consumers need – voice mail, text messaging and caller ID. The easy-to-use, affordable and stylish units include the LG101® priced at just $19.99 and the Samsung® M340 at $39.99 (prices exclude taxes).


payLo by Virgin Mobile lets customers activate additional minutes and add money to their account with a $20 Top-Up card and a $10 Top-Up card (prices exclude taxes and fees) to add funds for text messaging, Web access, ringtones, downloads and more. Adding to monthly balances is simple with Virgin Mobile or payLo Top-Up cards, or with a credit/debit card or PayPal account online at

Consumers can take advantage of the following low rates: additional minutes at 20 cents each, texting for 15 cents each and 25 cents per picture message. Those customers who use data can access it through their handset for a basic rate of $1.50 per megabyte.

According to Q1 2010 data from Nielsen, pay-as-you-go customers make up 62 percent of the no-contract market share*.

*This data is based on the existing base of subscribers across all carriers. 
Via:  PayLo
AKwyn 4 years ago

While this does sound interesting, you're still in the grips of Sprint since Virgin Mobile is owned by them and this service is offered by Virgin Mobile. Still I wonder where this will lead.

acarzt 4 years ago

How about an unlimited data plan for $20 a month? Wishful thinking? lol

ClemSnide 4 years ago

When it comes down to $15 a month, let me know; that's what I'm paying now, and it seems to suit me.

acarzt 4 years ago

Cell phone companies have been raping their customers with prices for far too long... and they make outrageous amounts of money from it. All the big played could easily afford $50/month Unlimited everything and Still make a huge profit.

Yet they choose not to. Greedy bastards.

realneil 4 years ago

"Greedy bastards"


Nethersprite 4 years ago

Have you guys all seen the new Virgin Mobile plans? $25 gives you unlimited data and text, with 300 minutes of talk. $40 gives you 1200 minutes, but at that point it's probably better to get MetroPCS for the same price in the unlikely event that you need more than 1200. I don't know; right now I've got Boost since I've needed my phone a lot and no prepaid plan was good enough (don't get me started on the T-Mobile buttrape), but once I go back down to "regular" I might go for Virgin Mobile.

acarzt 4 years ago

Those are some great prices... but man... they only have 4 phones lol

AKwyn 4 years ago

That's what I love about these sub-carriers Sprint are offering, lower prices. But I don't know if you can swap your phone to Virgin or Boost Mobile.

Also ignore MetroPCS like the wind at the moment. I saw a map of their coverage area, there is barely any coverage anywhere except here in California, the midwest and some parts of New York and Florida.

acarzt 4 years ago

If you can snag one of the nicer phones and use it on the cheap network, that would be awesome.

You would save so much money.

CSharpner 4 years ago

I've been able to cut some of my expenses back with Google Voice for free calls that don't consume my plan minutes and free texting (on the phone).

I've detailed how here (and no, I'm not making any money... It's Google Voice, of which I'm not affiliated with, other than a happy customer (it's free, BTW)):

Free minutes:


Free texting:


Hope that's useful to somebody.

Csccc 4 years ago

On the Sprint network - terrible in my home town. Everybody around here avoid those phones like the plague.

I use a NET10 prepaid phone which has much better coverage and offers a simple, cheap service with no bells & whistles but also with no hassles. I would much rather stick with NET10, thank you very much!

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