Palm Had Bids From Google, Apple And RIM Before HP Won Out

The HP-Palm deal, which found HP acquiring Palm earlier this year, will likely go down as one of the most monumental in tech history. Palm used to be a giant, and HP has never been a serious mobile player. Many say the two have little in common, and many wondered why some other company didn't shell out the needed funds to pick up such a intelligence-rich company. The early favorite from a consumer perspective was HTC, but that was simply selfish dreams of having an HTC Hero with WebOS installed. On the business side, HTC was never really interested in spending the kind of money that Hewlett-Packard was ready to spend, but according to a new report at Business Insider, a few other companies were.

The real story behind the whole HP-Palm acquisition was never really told. A few rumors were thrown around early on, but it has mostly been forgotten since. Now, a new report from sources close to the deal have made clear that Palm was a lot more demanded than most people think. It's easy to see HP pick up Palm and assume that none of the major mobile guys were interested. Reportedly, that's far from true. Apple was one of the most determined to buy Palm, mostly due to Palm's massive library of intellectual property and patents. And even Steve Jobs himself recently admitted that Palm was good at making software, with WebOS lauded in particular. In the end, Apple simply didn't want to shell out enough money, and with iPhone sales as high as they are, it's not like they really needed WebOS to thrive. It's a real shame, though. We would've loved to see WebOS taken into the caring hands of Apple; as it stands, there's a good chance that the Palm we all knew and loved has died with the HP acquisition.

And then there was RIM. The company that makes BlackBerry handsets was at first really high on the list, with a huge bid that nearly won out. But at the last minute, HP threw in one final higher bid that RIM didn't counter, and according to the source, they had to work "incredible hard to blow it."The final major player was Google. Even with Android, Google was bidding to pick up the pieces of Palm, though it's said that their bids were never nearly large enough to be considered alongside HP and RIM.

The piece is pretty interesting if you're really keen on finding out the dark backstory of the bid process, particularly if you'd like to imagine the "What Ifs!" that obviously come with such rumors. Can you envision how wild this story would be if Apple or RIM had won out? Wow...

3vi1 4 years ago

I bid $1, but then found out that the process doesn't work the same as on The Price is Right.

Inspector 4 years ago

Hum, i would of liked to see what apple with come out with if they had the webOS, so apple pretty much only wanted the patents and technology? :D

3vi1 4 years ago

I think you're right, Inspector. It's sad that the people running these company seriously entertain such acquisitions so that they can buy a new summer home when they know it means the ultimate destruction of the company and is harmful to all of the non-executive staff.

acarzt 4 years ago

Evil, I saw that you had bid $1... so I big $2... sorry bro... this business is cut throat... had to do it lol

Anyway... maybe apple wanted them, just to keep them off the market from other companies... the same way Acer bought out packard bell just to keep them out of the hands of HP or Lenovo lol

AKwyn 4 years ago

Well while WebOS might be dead, Apple might be able to implement most of the patents and technology that the WebOS has into iOS, while the mobile team would help with making new iOS versions. And the mobile phones, well they might sell the mobile phone division to another company and license WebOS to them, at least that's what I think.

Nethersprite 4 years ago

"Even with Android, Google was bidding to pick up the pieces of Palm, though it's said that their bids were never nearly large enough to be considered alongside HP and RIM."

O.o What? Google didn't outbid HP and RIM? I'm sure they could have done; what reason would they have for bidding so low? I mean, Palm would have had the best future with Google, IMO, and (at least to me) they have always seemed friendly with open-source.

infinityzen 4 years ago

Yea Nethersprite, I have to agree. Google snatching up Palm would have most likely been the best outcome that could have happened. Apple getting them, I just see way more patent troll lawsuits. HP, well we'll see what they do. But Google would have rolled most of the tech from WebOS into Android and most likely kept Palm selling phones. Think, just like that there would be a "true Google" phone line.

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