Over a Dozen Motorola Devices Will Never Taste Jelly Bean, Owners Get $100 Upgrade Credit Instead

Remember the Droid X2 from Motorola? Released last year, it was the first dual-core 1GHz smartphone available on Verizon Wireless' network, and it boasted some pretty impressive specs for its generation. Unfortunately for Droid X2 owners, it's one of more than a dozen smartphones Motorola revealed will NOT be receiving an update to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

The total number comes to a baker's dozen and includes some devices that aren't terribly old. Here's the full list:
  • Droid 3 by Motorla
  • Droid X2 by Motorola
  • Motorola Atrix 4G
  • Motorola Atrix 2
  • Motorola Admiral
  • Cliq 2 by Motorola
  • Motorola Milestone 3
  • Motorola Milestone X2
  • Motorola Electrify
  • Motorola Photon 4G
  • Motorola XPRT
  • Motorola Titanium
  • Motorola Triumph

Motorola Droid X2

On the bright side, owners of the above devices are eligible to receive a sort of consolation prize in the form of a $100 rebate when trading up to a select new Motorola smartphone. Devices eligible for the rebate include:

  • Motorola Atrix HX
  • Droid RAZR M by Motorola
  • Droid RAZR HD by Motorola
  • Droid RAZR Maxx HD by Motorola
  • Motorola Electrify 2
  • Motorola Photon Q

Motorola has a special website setup where device owners can check their trade up eligibility. If you qualify, you'll have to mail Motorola a valid proof-of-purchase (copy of receipt and UPC code) from the new device, as well as send the company your used phone. The rebate will come in the form of a $100 Visa prepaid card.

Via:  Motorola
samwelaye 2 years ago

send them back the used phone to get 100 bucks? any of these will sell for well over that on ebay or craigslist... thats scummy. they should just give you 100 bucks when upgrading to a new motorola device as a loyalty discount.

sevags 2 years ago

Yeah that is a total ripoff they can get more for their phones on Craigslist, ebay, to friends who need an upgrade whatever. And people still hate apple? Google/Motorola are asking you to give them a phone worth more than $100 in exchange for $100 ONLY it they go ahead and upgrade way better their product cycle is over I thei devices completely obselete just because surprise surprise new android builds aren't being handed down to many phones. It's incredibly sad especially for a company now owned by google.

Imagine if apple said that all iPhone 4s's would not be getting iOS6 but would offer you $100 for your 4s ONLY if you go ahead and buy an iPhone5 first. Ridiculous not only would I never buy another apple iPhone because of the lack of guarantee of a software upgrade but that 4s is worth a lotttt more than a hundred bucks.

So dumb.

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