Original iPhone About to Become Officially Obsolete

It’s been six years since Apple unveiled the original iPhone. In tech time, that’s an eon, and the device has been discontinued for a while now in favor of several generations of newer, better models. Of course, a lot of folks use old iPhones, whether it’s a hand-me-down to the kids or just someone in need of a basic smartphone who doesn’t want to spend any money on a new one.

However, according to document that 9to5 Mac snagged, Apple is relegating the original iPhone to “obsolete” status, which puts an exclamation point on the end of the device’s usefulness. Usually, a device that age would fall under Apple’s “vintage” status--devices that were discontinued more than five but less than seven years ago--but Apple is pulling the trigger a little early on the first iPhone.

Original iPhone
Credit: GSMArena

The designation will become official on June 11th, at which time any extant first-gen iPhones will become museum pieces.

It’s not hard to see why; while older computers often maintain some semblance of usefulness for many years even as new machines boast much better specifications, mobile device innovation is moving at a relatively blistering rate. Note, for example, the original iPhone’s specs, as listed by GSMArena:

-3.5-inch (320x480) display
-412MHz ARM 11 / PowerVR MBX CPU/GPU
-iOS (the original iOS)
-4GB-16GB of onboard storage
-One 2MP camera
-2G network
Original iPhone
Credit: GSMArena

Farewell, original iPhone. Back in the box and off to the museum you go.
Via:  9to5 Mac
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ajm531 one year ago

RIP iphone. i love android but with you to make the smartphone such a desired piece of tech my beloved os may not have come to existence at least for who know how many more years. Its almost sad that a smartphone may one day count as actual museum material.

thunderdan602 one year ago

I remember the original iPhone and all the hype it generated. Steve Jobs was the man!

rdsoxfan1234 one year ago

R.I.P. the phone that started it all

MayhemMatthew one year ago

*** lol

sevags one year ago

I completely skipped the first iphone until 3G was added to the 3g lol

ahh and the good ol days when apple would include docking stations for their products...

Kidbest100 one year ago

RIP iPhone... You died a long time ago and have since been the victim of many necromancing rituals in which you are temporarily re-born and then beat back down by a heavy cast iron shovel back to your grave...

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