Once Tricked into Using It, Users Like Vista

This smacks somewhat of those old blindfold taste tests you see on commerials.  It goes a little something like this...

 "I hate Diet Coke."

 "Here, try this new soda!"

"Wow, it's great!"

"That was Diet Coke!"


In a similar move, Microsoft took Windows XP fans and showed them a new OS, "Mojave."  What's interesting is that this "new" OS wasn't really new at all...

Spurred by an e-mail from someone deep in the marketing ranks, Microsoft last week traveled to San Francisco, rounding up Windows XP users who had negative impressions of Vista. The subjects were put on video, asked about their Vista impressions, and then shown a "new" operating system, code-named Mojave. More than 90 percent gave positive feedback on what they saw. Then they were told that "Mojave" was actually Windows Vista.

"Oh wow," said one user, eliciting exactly the exclamation that Microsoft had hoped to garner when it first released the operating system more than 18 months ago. Instead, the operating system got mixed reviews and criticisms for its lack of compatibility and other headaches.

Yep, but they were spared a few things: finding drivers, application compatibility, Vista-capable PCs that run the OS sluggishly at best.  Let's do another test and add that to the mix, and see what kind of response we get then. 

We're not going on an all out we hate Vista rant here.  In fact, we use the OS in the HH labs for testing and benchmarks, sometimes under some fairly rigorous requirements.  However, setting up a controlled sample test and calling it something that is supposed to be compared to broad market appeal, just isn't right.  It appears Microsoft needs to ease up on the marketing kool-aide and work on sound research practices of their target user base.
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jeffb 6 years ago
Actually, a better analogy is New Coke. Back when they did case studies, the majority of those tested chose New Coke over the original. Yet when it went to market, it failed miserably. What the controlled test should have done was give the user a full can to finish. While it impressed at first, by the time the person finished the can, they found it too sweet. Maybe MS should check out Malcom Gladwell's book "Blink". It's all about how first impressions can be deceiving.

Personally, I like Vista, been using it from day one and for the most part, it's been good to me. But as far as the case study above goes, seems more like they were tricked in the end and perhaps their usage impressions may have some merit if MS would listen.
jeffb 6 years ago
Eer, not a "better" analogy...another analogy ;/
Lev_Astov 6 years ago
They probably didn't get a very good sample set of people, either. I'll bet they were mostly computer illiterate.
mazuki 6 years ago
but you see Lev_Astov, that's what drives the market....idiots purchasing, we have these illiterate folks yelling "vista sucks" simply because their friends read it on a news site (no offense to the HH guys, we love you) i was so sick of hearing people say "vista sucks" all the time, when these people had never tried it, once i forced some of these people to use it, and got the drivers for them and things working properly (since they didn't know how.) they were happy with vista.

vista is not a mac folks, it takes work, like any PC, and these illiterate folks should be on a mac, where they don't have to think and work for it.

PCs always were, and always have been driven towards the "working force" while i don't agree that vista is designed for the working force, it's definitely not an easy OS either, and certainly isn't XP, that's the problem people had, they had to LEARN something new to use it.
3vi1 6 years ago
Most of the folks I know that don't like Vista don't like it due to driver issues or performance on their hardware. It sounds like this "blind" test didn't allow them to actually test anything.

I'd have a positive impression of it too, if it worked well with my existing computer - and if Linux didn't work so well and wasn't free.
Drago 6 years ago
Any OS, even Linux is easy if you just do the avg Joe Blow day to day stuff on them. Its the power users, technicians and others that have to deal with the stupid crap and quirks that the OS's have for doing the advanced stuff. Vista's stupid security crap is really annoying, if i want to go to msconfig and turn off some of the garbage at startup, i should be able to do that without having to tell it "Yes i really want to freaking go here".

Anything with a fancy interface that doesnt lag on them by using a high end box will look great to any idiot.
ares 6 years ago

Hmm...Drago, For a "power user," you certainly don't know your stuff..UAC (for the technicians out there, user access control, or as you put it, `"Yes i really want to freaking go here"`) can easily be turned off if you don't want that level of security. I might point out that Macs do the same effing thing with their keychain password blurb, and Linux won't let you do anything without being root, and XP's legendary security holes occurred frequently because of the lack of a mechanism like this.

Sure, Vista can be doggy, but turn some of the extra stuff OFF. If you buy a PC from a store, they're usually bloated, which is many people's problem. You really are just bashing b/c you don't 'like' Vista - but your comments lack education. And besides, what is Vista for? Is it for CPU-intensive applications? Generally, no, you would use a Linux machine for many of those apps (although I have noticed that many users are finding Server 2008 to be a satisfactory desktop OS). Vista is for desktop computing and office productivity. I don't use a screwdriver to pound in nails, and you probably shouldn't either. I don't know any "power-users" that use Vista for "power-use."

roselan 6 years ago
First they could chose to show only the ones who liked it.

I was tricked to using vista. For 5 minutes I liked it, overall the real time background change.

But then with UAC, various glitch, dark admin, encapsulated services process, general slowness, loosing background, starting apps on my second screen, loosing shortcuts to "program files" due to it's "virtual" brother, broken remote desktop client, loosing 5.1 and DTS output after a while (driver), winamp crashing between each song after some months, and so on, and so on, and so on, I grew a sour bitterness toward it.

I just need to find the courage and time to... clean up my desk to find my ol' xp cd :P
AjayD 6 years ago

It is only natural that if you set up a scenario that disallows the negative aspects of Vista from being experienced, while at the same time eliminating prejudice by claiming it is "Mojave", then of course people are going to like it. Only someone with poor taste would claim the aesthetic improvements made to enhance Vistas UI are not a noteworthy improvement over XP. Vista is nice, if you are not plagued by common issues, such as the plethora of hardware, driver and application incompatibilities. Having a novice user with such a limited knowledge of computers that they couldn't even discern that they were indeed using Vista, say they like it has essentially no relevance. Personally I like Vista, although I miss the relatively trouble free usage that XP offers.

The following pic is a fairly accurate account of my Vista experience over the course of the last three months.

Anonymous 6 years ago
This confirms what I have been saying for Months. People who claim they hate vista are just jumping into the "I hate vista" Bandwagon. It's cool to hate Microsoft and it's cool to rage against the machine.. so to speak.

With that said my personal experience with Vista has been good. The nvidia drivers back at release were garbage and creative drivers still are but that was about the only major problem I ran into. I have not had any program that wouldnt run under vista if it ran under xp.
RyuGTX 6 years ago

[quote user="FlyinBrian"]This confirms what I have been saying for Months. People who claim they hate vista are just jumping into the "I hate vista" Bandwagon. It's cool to hate Microsoft and it's cool to rage against the machine.. so to speak.

With that said my personal experience with Vista has been good. The nvidia drivers back at release were garbage and creative drivers still are but that was about the only major problem I ran into. I have not had any program that wouldnt run under vista if it ran under xp.[/quote]




Took the plunge with Vista Home Premium 32-bit about a month after it was released. Blue screened during the OS installation. After that and turning off UAC, Vista has been pretty good to me.


ice91785 6 years ago
As purchases are driven by the "non-know-it-alls" of the market I will tend to agree these people just "hate vista" because they heard someone that actually knew something say this and spread like wildfire from there. I would bet you my last dollar if these non-enthusiant consumers were given a free copy of Vista and told to just use it for a few months they would not run into any OS-related problems from it.....

I would agree that if you are running Vista as a network OS or something it would be more than a pain to be able to appropriately administer it because of the security built into the OS. Also things like manual driver installation and such is virtually impossible which might drive you nuts as well.

Bottom line? For 90% of consumers, Vista is more than satisfactory...people should become a titch more educated before formed such strong opinions (perhaps myself included many times)
Drago 6 years ago
I honestly dont see why the average joe would want vista considering the fact that they almost always buy the low end machines that can barely run the piece of crap OS to begin with. Sure you guys with the uber rigs have no issues speed wise, but you forget that what MS calls a vista capable computer means it runs the OS, it doesnt say how well.

I dont care if you guys like vista or not, had a good expirence or not, the fact is what MS did was take and show some people vista and called it a diff name. If people dont know that it looks like vista, then they havent been using a computer much, and if they dont have to install anything, uninstall something, do some minor tweaking then yeah im sure vista will work just fine and be smooth as hell on a very nice capable rig with tons of RAM. Put vista on what the average person has, a single core box running about 2.4ghz with about 512-1024mb of RAM and some crappy integrated graphics, you can bet that Vista will run like a dog.

Ice you amuse me when you say that people should be more educated before bashing vista. Once vista is "running" and as long as you dont do anything it is ok, but the setup process, or trying to do anything else like installing or uninstalling stuff, minor tweaks and the OS goes to crap in a hurry. Word of mouth is still prevalent, and the internet helps in expanding that as well. There are by far more people that have issues with vista than people that dont. Regardless of service packs or patches, people that have used vista think it is a pain in the *** and that got passed around. There is alot of truth to this, granted it has improved slightly, but vista lovers are a very small minority.

Dont tell me that i dont know what im talking about, ive used vista it sucks, and i will NEVER go to it. I will not stop telling my customers that Vista is crap, and plug xp. Vista haters have a reason to hate vista and many valid points. Everyone that i know that has used vista likes it at first, then loathes it. Its the shiny newness of the interface, that soon ticks you off cause it is so slow at loading, and the flashiness dont make up for a poorly written operating system.
higgamo 6 years ago

i like vista alot i just dont like how it takes points off of 3dmark06, after i only have a few nickpicks


johnfmarti 6 years ago

I've thought about it, here's what I think happens after the Mojave / Vista Honeymoon.


Flying_Delica 6 years ago
Most of the problems I have seen with Vista have been on dodgy/old hardware. It seems to be a lot more unforgiving of faulty hardware than XP, and especialy linux. The "Vista Ready" PC's that where sold 2 years ago weren't. My new MCE box and Laptop came preinstalled with vista and run it flawlessly, even for gaming on the laptop (haven't even SP1'ed it yet).
1nteljunki3 6 years ago
I'll continue to deploy vista as I have been for the last year and a half with zero problems. Those of you who keep 'hating' on Vista can continue to do so. The MCSE's out here will continue to provide an excellent experience to our customers with Vista and continue forward until Windows 7.
3DtoHD 6 years ago
Vista with newer hardware is great!
nECrO1967 6 years ago

A point Drago fails to make is that most people "hate" Vista because they read something somewhere written by an uber geek who tows the popular line. They "heard" somewhere that Vista was crap and they form their opinion based on that without ever finding out, like many here have already pointed out, that it runs just fine on new hardware. The "average Joe" you claim to be speaking for NEEDS the added security you are bashing.

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