OiNK Issues Its Last Squeal

The past 30 days has seen some major events in the global anti-piracy war: Demonoid (operating out of Canada) went off the air for a week or so, both Dutch & U.K. police had major network busts in their respective territories and now it appears that a joint operation have shut down OiNK.

“OiNK distributed albums often weeks ahead of their official release date. More than 60 major album releases had been leaked onto the Internet so far this year.

The site had an estimated membership of 180,000. People were only invited to become members if they could prove they had music to offer and had to keep posting tracks to maintain their membership.”

If the police end up doing a bit of forensics on the OiNK servers, it is entirely likely that heads will roll at record labels when connections are inevitably made that go back to the source.
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mazuki 7 years ago
long live public communities, they are without a doubt the hardest to shutdown, i hate private communities with their elitist attitude, they shun the people that are just trying to get help and contribute the best they can

F*** Oink and all others like it, i hope they get shutdown

leave it to public site that need a little searching to find, not privates that are extremely well known
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