OCZ RevoDrive X2 Sneak Peek From IDF 2010

We just spent some time trudging through the Technology Showcase at IDF 2010 and came across a hot product in the Sandforce booth.

As most of you probably know, Sandforce produces the controllers used in some of the hottest solid state drives currently on the market. And you probably also know that OCZ has worked very closely with Sandforce and have brought a number of products to market based on the company’s controllers.


OCZ RevoDrive X2 SSD @ IDF 2010

While looking though the booth, we caught a glimpse at the upcoming OCZ RevoDrive X2, which is a PCI Express-based SSD that features four Sandforce controllers in what’s essentially a 4-way RAID configuration--it looked like the existing RevoDrive, but with a daughterboard attached with two additional controllers and some additional NAND. The RevoDrive X2 also sports Intel NAND flash memory. The model that was on display in the booth reportedly offers max read speeds in the 740MB/s range with writes approaching 730MB/s. And 4K random writes are rated at up to 120,000 IOPS.

To corroborate the specs, a RevoDrive X2 was installed in a system running IOMeter, as you can see in the images above, the X2 broke the 107,000 IOPS mark. Wow.

We’ll have more from the Technology Showcase a little later.

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SmogHog 4 years ago

PCI-E 3.0 specs were approved and the first mainboards sporting it should be on the shelves late this year or Q1 2011.

I won't buy a new SSD that isn't PCI-E 3.0 or SATA 3(6gb/s).

IMO the present SandForce SATA II drives should have been SATA 3.0 and run on both II and III

The tech was available as demonstrated by the Micron C300.

acarzt 4 years ago

That's pretty sick. 2 Questions tho.

Storage size?


Dave_HH 4 years ago

I can answer one of these questions for you. Yes, it's bootable for sure. See our RevoDrive gen 1 coverage in the storage section! :)

marco c 4 years ago

As for capacity, I'll get some specifics tomorrow, but it's essentially a standard revodrive with an additional daughterboard attached, so think 2x a standard revodrive.

acarzt 4 years ago

Thanks guys!

I posted this in response to the Revo 1 review... think you guys could further explain?

[quote user="acarzt"]

"At 64-bits wide and an operating speed of 133MHz, the SiI 3124 RAID controller has a maximum throughput of 1.06GB/s(half-duplex). That's significantly less than the 800MB/s of full-duplex bandwidth a native PCIe x4 controller would've provided" - Quoted from the article.

I know it's not a typo on the bandwidth ( did the math myself lol) But 1.06GB is not less the 800MB lol

The problem is that it's Half duplex... so You can only get 1.06GB/s of bandwidth in 1 direction at a time... Which isn't a problem if you're only reading or only writing. But this would cause some latency issues when you are both reading and writing.

Full duplex allows you to use the full bandwidth in both directions at the same time.

I don't think "Significantly less" is the right way to describe the issue :-P

Anyway... can someone please explain to me how it's possible for this thing to be bootable?

Are new BIOS revisions able to search the PCI-E bus for bootable devices??




Anno1366 4 years ago

This is all well and good for fantastic figures on paper but this will most likely suffer the same problem as their current Revo PCI-E SSDs unless they can address some form of their own Trim within their firmware.

Most observers originally thought OCZ would be able to take care of this with new firmware on their current Revo's but are now saying it is looking very unlikely. With this new Revo X2 using even more raid I think long term speeds and real word use is going to be highly questionable. Trim and/or other means of garbage collection is VITAL within an SSD I hope OCZ arnt overlooking this in favour of just looking the fastest on paper but with little care about how long drives such as these will maintain them.

Very expensive bits of kit are these to find you end up with 50%+ reduction in speeds a year down the line with nothing you can do to regain the speed.

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