OCZ CES 2012 Product Tour, Z-Drive R5, Everest 2 Step Out

Prior to the start of this year's CES 2012 show, a number of OEMs were showcasing their latest products at various hotel venues throughout the bustling city of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Of course OCZ Technology was first on our list of suites to visit, in an effort to satiate our need for blinding storage speed -- and as usual, Team OCZ did not disappoint.

This year, it was actually pretty surprising how many announcements the company was rolling out, from new co-developed solutions with Marvell, to acquisitions and the second coming of their Indilinx Everest controller, dubbed Everest 2.
Via:  HotHardware
omegadraco 2 years ago

Haha you can hear all the fans spinning in the video :) it sounds like my server room. WIcked awsome OCZ certainly seems to be running the show with SSDs

Inspector 2 years ago

Neat, that 4TB SSD sounds like it should be in my case :D. These new products look promising for our future :)

cowboyspace 2 years ago

I will like to have one but im saving to buy my new gygabyte sniper MOBO :)

JZitting 2 years ago

This Everest 2 SSD card might be really useful at work. sometimes even the better pc computers have a hard time running solidworks efficiently.

JZitting 2 years ago

After finding that Solid State Discs are way more efficient than the regular Mechanical Hard Drive, why would anyone continue installing hard drives in thier pc?

cowboyspace 2 years ago

They are expensive? + people maybe don't want fast SSD if they just want to storage the info and forget about it :-p like pics videos etc.

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