Nvidia Fears Not Sandy Bridge's "Basic" Graphics

Sandy Bridge is coming! Sandy Bridge is coming! Given all the hoopla surrounding Intel's next-generation processors with built-in graphics that promise to decimate today's integrated chipsets, discrete videocard makers should be trembling in their knickerbockers, right? Not so fast, Johhny Come Lately, maybe Sandy Bridge will prove to be all that a bag of silicon chips, but as far as Nvidia is concerned, discrete GPUs aren't bound for obsolescence.

Nvidia says that "demand from OEMs for discrete graphics solutions remains strong and above historic levels," and the GPU maker holds firm in Mercury Research's prediction that discrete GPU shipments will double between 2009 and 2014. Why is that?

"Unlike basic graphics graphics integrated into Sandy Bridge CPUs, GeForce GPUs provided advanced features and increased compatibility for the latest PC games including those based on Microsoft DirectX 11," Nvidia explains.

Yep, despite all the claims from Intel that Sandy Bridge's graphics core is far and away better than today's integrated GPUs, Nvidia contends there will be plenty of demand for something more than "basic" pixel pushing power. In fact, Nvidia says PC manufacturers are gearing up to launch a record 200 new products featuring Nvidia GeForce GPUs in the first half of 2011.
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LLeCompte 4 years ago

Intel isnt that great at graphics, and they wont be until they do like AMD and buy a graphics card company. Integrated graphics are always horrible. Maybe with sandy bridge the graphics will actually be decent, but im sure it wouldnt be the end all of integrated graphics.

infinityzen1 4 years ago

I see no way that it can been the end all of integrated graphics with AMDs combined chips coming out shortly. Heck, the AMD chips look more like a GPU with some CPU cores add into them then anything else.

I don't see any company ditching AMD and Nvidia graphics for Sandy Bridge except on the low end.

Crisis Causer 4 years ago

I like how Larabee turned into nothing.

Intel actually has control of the total GPU market if you count its integrated cards.  Most people just want Windows 7 and Flash to run.  Intel is a threat in that regard,

pinya 4 years ago

just like crusis c said...

intel has the control because most people just want the basics, even though amd and nvidia are dominating the discrete arena, which only takes a portion the the graphics market.... intel still has a tight grip...

so if sandy bridge graphics are on par / better in the lower end market.... then amd and nvidia would have a bit of a problem in the lower end of the market.... especially in the somewhat growing htpc users

realneil 4 years ago

three times tonight I've typed a long reply to something on this site and all three times at the end of it the screen refreshed and blanked it all out,... it's gone.

I'm done, good night.

rapid1 4 years ago

As far as it goes, and for years now Intel integrated graphics have been the bottom of the market in performance. It may make sense on your laptop for many reason. The first being a business users graphic needs are in general minimal. So I personally don't think anyone has anything to fear from in the graphics market from the likes if INTEL.

So if it integrates today's integrated graphics then INTEL is beating themselves. So that will gain them little to no market share. If INTEL is not gaining or retaining market share who is taking it. Well AMD or Nvidia that's who.

Oh and I had that problem to realneil.

SammyHayabuza 4 years ago

A Wave of Sub $500 laptops w/ dual core Sandy Bridge and Blu-ray drives for 2011 is a lot to fear in my opinion. No need for discrete graphics to bust out smooth 1080p decoding fun!! I truly believe that those "Built In GPUs" will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the mobile market, no more need for "Ion" .    No More cheesy netbooks please.

Edit: My comments reflect my vision for the "Budget" mobile pc market in 2011, as I see consumers enjoying more power, features and affordability in low to mid range laptops. But off course every one wants the gaming capabilities, We have yet to see how much of an improvement these chips will have.

MMcCutcheon 4 years ago

I don't even see why they bother putting integrated graphics in the chips...I'd rather see more cores or something then crappy integrated graphics..but if your GPU craps out, I guess atleast you can log onto newegg and buy another without having to use someone elses PC :)

realneil 4 years ago

I'll try my post again, and see if it works this time.  SmileIt worked!Wink

Intel has a huge share of the graphics market and they have had for a long time.

Intel integrated graphics were always good enough for mainstream users who weren’t playing games on their PC’s. Motherboards came with them on the board as part of a package already, so it was a cheap way to go for PC makers who have been in fierce competition for years. Why add an unnecessary expense to the cost of their products when they wouldn't even be utilized?

As a result, most home PC’s have integrated graphics in them, and most of those are Intel Branded.

The market for high end gaming performance is only a small piece of the PC sales “Pie”, but it is a significant bit of Pie to players such as AMD and NVIDIA, and there is plenty of it there to feed them if they can provide what we, the gamers of the world, want.

Recent releases from both AMD and NVIDIA have raised the bar for performance and technological advancements in gaming, and now is a great time to be a consumer who likes his, or her games. Most of these new advancements are being offered at reduced price points compared to 1 or 2 years ago. Big Smile

Since Sandy Bridge promises to increase the capabilities of on-board graphics in PC’s, it could have a significant impact on low to mid-level discreet video card sales if it is hugely successful.

For the enthusiasts, many who read HotHardware.com’s stories, Sandy Bridge’s graphics are not the draw, but the platform's increased performance is.

Overall it’s an interesting time, and it will be an exciting year to come.

MrBrownSound 4 years ago

What is happening with this page refreshing problem, it's annoying! I read your upper comment about it and thought you were crazy.

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="MrBrownSound"]What is happening with this page refreshing problem, it's annoying! [/quote]

It happened once before and they fixed it. I'm sure they will again.

I used my email composer in another tab to write my long post that you see above, then I cut and pasted it all at once into this site. Once it's resolved I'll do it the same way as I always do. No Problemo! 

jonation 4 years ago

instead of block quoting all of realneil's post... "What he said"

countcristo 4 years ago

I think it's the site that refreshes it. It's happened to me too realneil, so you're not alone. Perhaps the reason why they implement that autorefresh every 5-10 minutes is to make sure you're up-to-date?

And in regard to what you said realneil, it definitely is an interesting time considering two new microarchitectures are coming out from the top 2 rivalries in a span of 4-6 months. This is going to be madness, who's going to be faster than the other...bulldozer or sandddddy. I really do hope bulldozer is like what AMD had done with their Athlon x64 cpus when they first came out and dominated. Competition would be great.

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