Notion Ink, Texas Instruments Tag Teaming Second Generation 'Adam II' Tablets

Notion Ink is a name you don't hear too much of anymore, partly because its first generation Adam tablet has been overshadowed by the current crop of powerul Android slates. The other reason is because the company wasn't ready to announce its Adam II tablet... until now.

Texas Instruments has partnered up with Notion Ink to provide the Adam II with an OMAP44xx processor along with other TI components, such as Wi-Link 7.0 and Phoenix Audio Power Amplifiers, Notion Ink says. The next generation tablet will also leverage power optimizations achieved using TI's integrated power management IC.

PowerVR's SGX5xxx GPU will provide the Adam II with its pixel pushing power, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will bring it all together. The Adam II will also release the world's first 'Modular Based Software Architecture,' which essentially gives developers easy access to every single hardware feature in a user customizable application with a drag and drop interface. According to the always ambitious (and sometimes too ambitious) folks at Notion Ink, this system will help professionals and students alike use the tablet as a logic analyzer, medical imaging device, for signal acquisition and processing, 3D modeling, and of course regular ol' multimedia chores.

No word yet on price or availability.
Via:  Notion Ink
cowboyspace 2 years ago

Most of first gen just aren't that good as they are just starting, a lot of things have to be improved.Next gen of this device could be more acceptable, they need to get some reputation first :)

AKnudson 2 years ago

i am more excited that texas instrument is part of this group than i am about notion ink. i like notion but if TI is behind it then there is going to be some great pieces to this tablet.

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