Nokia Lumina 900 Could Be Coming In March For $100

A leaked roadmap for AT&T suggests the carrier is planning to launch the Nokia Lumina 900 on March 18 for a bargain price of $99.99 with a two-year contract. Considering this phone is expected to be one of the high-end Windows Phone devices of the year, the budget-friendly price is a little surprising. Still, if this proves to be true, we give Nokia and AT&T credit for offering such a competitive price for what looks to be a great phone.

As you may recall, Nokia's Lumina 900 features a 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED screen, 16GB of onboard storage, a 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4G LTE connectivity. You'll also find an 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics in this phone. The phone will run on Windows Phone 7.5.

Will a budget-friendly price and what looks to be a really great Windows Phone give Microsoft and Nokia the boost they need to fully compete in the mobile market? We're anxious to find out!

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LLeCompte 2 years ago

Thats a good price for a good phone. Nokia could do really well if it goes come at that price.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

I just know I will never get a 2 years contract with AT&T for that phone.The price is pretty tempting but still I won't go with AT&T.Lumia 710 is a nice smartphone so lumia 900 will definitely be better.The black color looks much better.I would like to buy it if it hits sprints (if that happens). if the Nokia's Lumia 800 price was

$700 in unlocked off-contract when was released, I won't like to see the price for this new lumia 900.

dejasoul100 2 years ago

Nice phone, but say no to contracts folks. Instead, start saving up now he he

rapid1 2 years ago

Just as a note last week I bought a Nokia Lumia 710 for Sarah. I must say some thing's about it I liked, but you cannot make calls over a wireless network (VOIP) with ANY windows phone from what I understand. I also had talked my mother into getting one to. Needless to say as soon as I got one they were both returned. In my home you have difficulty getting signal from any carrier period. I have tried Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint personally, my brother has At&t so that about covers every network, none of them have good connection if any in my house period. So connecting through my wireless N network is a must period. My mother also has the same issue and she lives in a different county (not very far but still a different county). Oh and I live in Atlanta where all of the providers have initially introduced 2,3, 3.5, and 4 specs in cellular communications so we in general have great connection all around and I do 50 yards from my house as well my house is just in some weird pocket.

Either way enough explaining of my house. The thing is from what I understand making wireless VOIP is disallowed by Windows phone as you can connect though Skype etc if your paying someone just not through wireless VOIP across the board.

dangerrenegade 2 years ago

I actually like the look of this, but Windows Mobile is just not an option at this point. Droid 4 for me, as soon as they come around to releasing it.

MayhemMatthew 2 years ago

Im hoping Bell will get this one, seeing as Telus has the 800 and Rogers the 710. I want to play with Windows phone, but it has got to be a beast. BTW, if Sprint is really charging 700 outright for the 800, then they are overpricing it to hell and back to get you to sign. 800 is worth maybe 450.

ASexyGeekGirl 2 years ago

Lumina Vaporware.. The 18th came and went and No Lumina 900 from Nokia... Just another way to tick off potential customers and loose market.

Several commercial entities are reported to have waited until March 18th and when the phone did not produce itself, (Surprise.. Isn’t this how Nokia blew it sales several years ago with other vaporphones) have re-up'd their two year contracts with different models. Leaking a date to hype up marketing and failing to follow through with that date is the best way to lose loyalty and potential customers. You would have thought Nokia would have learned its lesson by now but obviously it did not.... Now all these geeks *me included) that had to have a new phone and held out with superglue, duct tape, or older models snagged up from ebay as temp devices were left with no other choice but to re-up their contracts with different phones. Way to lose customer loyalty and a potential comeback in to the market Nokia.... Fail. SO Nokia, at the least before you cause yourself more damage and humiliation, push an official press release to announce launch date before you push away more potential customers..

What should have been your reclaim to fame is not in the IT world being looked at as how will Nokia handle this damage control from this new disaster….

The glory is over, and the vaporware phone damage for the phone that did not release on reported dates falters and damage control begins… Nokia, listen, You have completely turned off a large group of potential customers, and the longer you hold private, the real release date (if there is even a Lumina 900 to be sold, who knows at this point) the more customers and potential buyers you will lose…..

Not following through with touted release dates, does not make smartphone users WANT to wait longer. It makes them resentful and makes them want to immediately switch product brands.. Apparently Nokia still hasn’t figured that out…

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