Nokia Employees Walk Out After Symbian Deemed Dead

If you read the news, you'll probably think that things are great at Nokia. The company recently decided to stray from Symbian in favor of using Windows Phone 7 on their smartphones, and it's a play that will almost definitely put Nokia back on the map in North America from a smartphone standpoint. But there is always two sides to every story. While people may be excited about Windows Phone 7, that also means that Nokia no longer needs the assets that surround Symbian. And assets means people.

The news has been crushing to Finland, Nokia's home. There are hundreds upon hundreds of employees that worked on Symbian day-in, and day-out. But now, they may be out of a job. And they know it. Reports are stemming from Nokia's Tampere plant that around 1,500 of the employees have just walked out on the job. That's powerful. The only problem is that it's not likely to prove a point. These jobs were probably going to be cut soon anyway, so this is just making things quicker and easier.

It's quite sad for those affected, there's no question about it, but Nokia has no choice but to take drastic measures if they ever hope to truly compete in this market. Something tells us these won't be the only cuts at Nokia. Ditching an entire software ecosystem is no small deal, and we haven't seen anything similar to this...maybe ever. Here's hoping for the best for those left at Nokia. It's going to be a wild, wild ride no matter what.
TBastarache 3 years ago

They probably should have waited until Microsoft actually finished writing the OS. It's still a messy work in progress with no multitasking.

3vi1 3 years ago

How is switching from Symbian, which has 30+% market share, to a product that a recent study showed is wanted by only 5% of users, in any way a smart move for Nokia?

But, I guess it will work out quite nicely for Mr. Elop and his (currently) $6.5M worth of Microsoft shares.

Here's what the WinPho7 decision means to people who own shares of Nokia:

BBenson 3 years ago

Ummm Ray if you really think ANYBODY besides Redmond and their lapdog Elop are excited about this then I think you're smoking crack.

coolice 3 years ago

Wait... i still thought that feature/dumb phones would continue using symbian. I know for sure that a feature phone wouldnt be powerful enough to work on those tiny devices.

what about other phone companies? dont some other manufactures uses symbian on their devices as well??

rapid1 3 years ago

The thing that got me yesterday, and we are hearing some rumbling about today it the Nokia/Intel Meego platform. I was wondering what was up with this Nokia/Microsoft partnership as Nokia already had a deal with Intel. I could think of a few organizations I would not want on my bad side especially if that had grounds of seemingly legal proportions. Those would be Intel, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony and a few others, but all these market players have shown fully well they are not scared of the courts whether an international government sues them or they feel someone is peeing on there parade in any way. That is also not to mention as 3vi1 is pointing at Symbian has a pretty large standing market share even if it has not been doing to well as of late. This to me seems like a lazy hey lets hop on with Microsoft move to me in many ways, but makes little since to dump a successful mobile OS, spurn one of the largest players in the digital world period, and bet the ship on an OS and device (win phone) which may or may not be successful, which is as of yet to be determined to any degree.

3vi1 3 years ago

/agree rapid1.

I didn't even bring up the whole weirdness in going to WinPho7 when they're supposed to be heavily invested in their own more mature Linux-based OS. It's almost as if Microsoft paid them to torpedo Meego.

gibbersome 3 years ago

Meego seemed very promising especially with both Intel and AMD was also invested in it. Now that MeeGo team manager Alberto Torres is gone, I think the project is all but dead.

It's worth looking at the pics of the interface they have up on wiki, much better than Mobile Windows 7.

3vi1 3 years ago

>> It's almost as if Microsoft paid them to torpedo Meego.

This just in: It's been confirmed that Microsoft is paying them Billions (yes, with a B) to switch to WinPho7.  UPDATE:  Nokia's now saying it's hundreds of millions...

Nokia's not interested in creating the best product, they're interested in short term profit.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's willing to spend billions just to play in a market where their product is inferior and short lived (the WinPho7 code is all going to rot and there will more than likely be a complete API break for Win8 on ARM).

If I had any, I'd sell any stock I own in both companies right now.

RMalhotra 3 years ago

Guys you've got a point.. But I don't think that Symbian is dead as of now... There are still 150 million symbian based devices to be shipped, which is double the number of devices in the market at present.... So it isn't dead yet.. What I think its just another platform that Nokia is adding to their OS family... See what 3rd party developers have to say about this:

nokia-boy 3 years ago






RMalhotra 3 years ago

I guess there's a lot of scope for Symbian... Cz at this time Nokia is just planning to add another OS.... Symbian no doubt is good...and no other OS can take its place.... So I'm hoping that the two giants would get something great for future smartphones......

digitaldd 3 years ago

I read somewhere that Microsoft paid Nokia $1billion, and Nokia is to pay them back $10-15 per Windows Phone 7 device sold.

RMalhotra 3 years ago

Rumors I would say.... Nokia would help drive the future of Windows Phone. Nokia would contribute its expertise on hardware design, language support, and help bring Windows Phone to a larger range of price points, market segments and geographies... I'm really excited about this.. Let see.. :)

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