Nintendo Finally Drops Wii Price To $199.99

Sony lowered the bar with its $299.99 PlayStation 3 slim, and Microsoft followed up with a $100 price cut (and now a $50 rebate on top of that) on its Xbox 360 Elite. And with the holiday season quickly approaching, Nintendo knew it had to do something. In an effort to not be left behind in the latest round of console price cuts, Nintendo has decided to drop the MSRP of the hot selling Wii by $50.

For nearly three full years, the Wii has sold (like crazy) for $249.99. Most stores couldn't even keep them in stock at that point, so up until now, Nintendo really hasn't seen a need to lower the barrier to entry. But when you consider that a Blu-ray supporting PS3 is now just $50 more than a non-HD Wii system, it's obvious that the time had come for Nintendo to swing its own axe. Starting on September 27th, consumers will be able to snag a Wii for its new price, so in other words, today's the day if you've intentionally holding off for nearly 36 months.

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gibbersome 5 years ago

Wii sales have dropped 50% in the last 5 months. America's love affair with the Wii is over. Even a $100 cut wouldn't have made much of a difference.

3vi1 5 years ago

I would expect sales to decline... it's been out for three years! They're running out of people to buy it!

Kudos for Nintendo for making one of the most addictive and profitable consoles for this generation of competition.

If I was Nintendo, I'd look to do a fully-compatible but upgraded hardware refresh sometime just before X-mas of 2010. It would not only boost their profits, but would force MS and Sony to rush their next gen systems out before they get time to really make a profit on the current ones.

gibbersome 5 years ago

That said, the Wii is still currently outselling the other consoles.

Crisis Causer 5 years ago

I'm not sure it's needed, but it can only help.  Maybe hardcore gamers with a 360 or PS3 might consider a Wii for a second console now.  But I think most of the Wii grandmother phase has died down a bit.

Fernandobeto 5 years ago

Honestly, the Wii dropping $200 isn't that big of a deal. If anything it was about time on their part. But as always, it's not the hardware that makes a game, it's THE GAME, which competitors like the PS3 have a lot of this and next season. Add in the Blu-Ray and the Free Online play (as well as games that ACTUALLY HAVE online play) and the real winner is pretty clear I think.


andyparker01 5 years ago

oh thts very interesting news.

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