Nike FuelBand: The Craziest Exercise-Related Gadget Your Wrist Will Ever Wear

FuelBand? Well, we've heard of stranger names for products, and perhaps Nike's attempting to catch a few odd stares here. The athletic company just announced a new wristband that tracks and measures everyday movement to motivate and inspire people to be more active. Activities can now be measured through a new metric called NikeFuel: the more active you are, the more NikeFuel you earn. Designed to be worn throughout the day, the ergonomic, user-friendly NIKE+ FuelBand uses accelerometry to provide information about different activities through movement of the wrist via a LED dot matrix display. Four metrics are available: Time, Calories, Steps and NikeFuel. Unlike calorie counts, which vary based on someone's gender and body type, NikeFuel is a normalized score that awards equal points for the same activity regardless of physical makeup.

Users set a daily goal of how active they want to be, and how much NikeFuel they want to achieve. The NIKE+ FuelBand displays a series of 20 LED lights that go from red-to-green as the user gets closer to their goal. The FuelBand syncs with the Nike+ website through a built-in USB, or wirelessly through Bluetooth to a free iPhone app, to record activity and track progress every day. The app interface also provides encouragement and motivation as goals are achieved.

The Nike+ Fuelband will be available for preorder starting January 19th in the US at for a suggested retail price of $149, and hopefully they won't have the same durability issues that the Jawbone Up had...
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cowboyspace 2 years ago

Lmaoooo 150 dollars really? I will just go to the gym which inspire me and makes me be more active looking at the girls and exercising 0-0 people just don't know what to create.

karanm 2 years ago

This is just another item that people who don't actually workout will buy to show off. "Hey look at me I burned 500 calories spinning in my office chair!!"

@cowboyspace I agree with your motivation for going to the gym lol.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

YEA, Thanks you. funny story "Hey look at me I burned 500 calories spinning in my office chair!!" that will be a nice exercise hahahaahhahahahha

OmniDeus 2 years ago

1. Buy $150 POS wristband

2. put in paint can stuffed with foam

3. put can in paint mixer for 24 hours and turn it on

4. ????


MayhemMatthew 2 years ago

I was interested until I saw the price tag.

Super Dave 2 years ago

Posers will want to have one of these on their wrist whilst holding their Apple product, for sure.

LBowen 2 years ago

Another fitness fad for the masses. Hopefully it motivates just a few people to become more active.

Inspector 2 years ago

I can really see this becoming a scam for some people xD. What kind of motivation are they talking about? :D. Do as omnideus said :P

omegadoom13 2 years ago

The timing is a little late for the Nike + Fuelband, but 2012 is still very fresh and resolutions are still being made particularly the weight loss kind. A more profitable release date would have been early December for the Holiday gift season and then a strong marketing push for the New Year and the onslaught of resolutions. I agree with everyone here, the suggested retail price is very steep. Hey, if you want to lose weight, an cheaper and proven way to lose lbs is to weigh yourself every day.

AKnudson 2 years ago

this is actuall kind of a cool concept, the one i am looking fr though is the armband that senses when you need nutrition and gives the correct dosage, just saying nike you should look into that.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

well for me it won't work.People who exercise frequently won't use this,It's unnecessary as you know you are working out. For those who eats MCDonals and don't exercise just don't care they just want to eat and eat, trust me when verbal offences don't work neither will a wristband,what? you are going to tell me that those people don't know when they are fat or need exercise? pleaseee......

detnight 2 years ago

How many calories do you burn playing BattleField 3 for hours on end. I get all the exercise I need driving to work, getting in the golf cart driving to the unit and walking to my office. I mean one can only do so much in one day. Luckly the candy machine is less than 10 feet from my office, but the kitchen is over 30ft away.

AKwyn 2 years ago

Pretty gimmicky (as in looks unnecessary) but cool nonetheless. The idea of how many calories you're burning is good since the exerciser has no idea how many they're burning, the steps they're taking are also good and what's NikeFuel?

This could work out well if they stripped the unnecessary stuff and make a contemporary product out of it that costs $75; don't get me wrong, it's good but it's a bit too flashy for my taste.

goldone 2 years ago

Other then being a cute piece of "fad" jewerly I don't see this one going very far. The price tag is surely enough to scare anyone off. 

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