Next-Generation Macs May Offer USB 3.0, FireWire 3200

Apple users often have to wait longer than us PC folk for top-end upgrades or features to become available, but this time the Macolytes might steal a march on the rest of us. According to rumors on the other side of the pond, the next-generation of iMac and Macbook Pro systems will feature both USB 3.0 and the heretofore dark horse candidate—FireWire 3200 (S3200). This new FireWire interface uses the same cable as the older FireWire 800 but offers four times the bandwidth.

FireWire isn't discussed much these days, although the original IEEE1394a (FireWire 400) standard is fairly common, even on consumer PC's. Apple has generally ignored FireWire for the last few years, including the interface on high-end systems would be a significant step. Even if the FireWire rumors don't pan out, we're hoping for USB 3 ports on the next generation of Macintosh systems. Granted, it'll still be awhile before the iPod and iPhone are updated to take advantage of the new standard, but the speed advantages of USB 3 are enormously useful if you do any sort of external data transfer. 
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acarzt 4 years ago

Heh, I thought they gave up on firewire. Even with this new standard... it's still not up to par with USB 3.0

mrbrownsound 4 years ago

A MBPro with a blu-ray, usb 3.0, 512 Gb SSD with high reads and writes, more battery power and a crazy high res matte screen would be my dream MBP. Sadly I have a last gen MBP. With the new changes I might think upgrading on the next refresh.

Although for everything on my list to be reached is still a dream, or is it?

AKwyn 4 years ago

It's just a rumor, and until it's proven it turns into fact. I'd like for Mac's to have USB 3.0 and the upcoming FireWire but first Intel needs to get it's act together with USB 3.0 and include it on all of their chipsets from here on out.

acarzt 4 years ago

Why bother? There aren't many USB 3.0 devices out yet... It's easier to let 3rd parties eat the cost of adding USB 3.0 to their MBs than to invest all the extra money to integrate it. Once usb 3.0 is out in full force, intel will adopt. When it's worth it.

In the mean time they're working on putting fibre into their chips.

AKwyn 4 years ago

AMD has more SATA 6GBs and USB 3.0 ports on their motherboards due to the fact that they incorporated it into their chipsets. And I don't get what the fuss is, USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1. SATA 6GBs is backwards compatible with SATA 3GBs and so on.

acarzt 4 years ago

lol... it costs money to implement... and intel knows they can offset the costs to someone else.

Doesn't bother me any... there are hardly any options on the market for Sata 6g products or USB 3.0 products. I rarely use the USB ports i've got lol

It's really not a huge deal. And i'd rather see the things their doing with fibre become a reality than USB 3.0.

Spirit_of_America 4 years ago

USB 3.0? Oh, stuff that has been available on the PC for months now, right? Another Apple innovation!

MrBojanglezz 4 years ago

Pffft. My ASUS P6X58D has USB 3.0

Yep, the Macolytes have been waiting already. ***YAWN***

realneil 4 years ago

It will have to be added by Apple if it's to become a reality. They're famous for locking down their PC's to prevent you from upgrading on your own. Adding the new hard drive to my iMac 24" was a lot like giving birth. What a PITA!

Apple was the one that implemented Firewire 800 more than any other Mfg. out there, and it's nice and fast too. FireWire at 3200 speeds would be smokin' fast.

Joel H 4 years ago

Definitely no Blu-Ray. Jobs is on record saying that Blu-ray is a waste of time.

acarzt 4 years ago

Jobs is on record saying a lot things that are utterly retarded.

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