100GB Blu-Ray Discs On The Way

What do you get when you tell Hitachi engineers that they need to come up with a ridiculously large amount of storage on a single Blu-Ray disc?

If your answer was a four layer disc that can hold up to 100GB of data, then you might want to look into a future as a fortune teller or psychic.

But what about the player?  Do consumers need to have some sort of 'super' Blu-Ray disc player for these?  Thankfully the answer is probably not:

“While companies such as TDK and Panasonic have previously mooted 100GB discs, they have always needed a specially developed optical head in the player to read the disc.

Hitachi, however, claims to have used a standard Blu-Ray drive optical head that's only slightly modified to allow it to read and write data across the four 25GB layers. It's believed this will only require a firmware update to make existing drives compatible.”

What could 100GB worth of storage be used for?  Perhaps an entire season of HD quality shows on a disc or two?  Perhaps more extra features than we've ever really imagined possible?  There are lots of possibilities here.

We're hoping that Sony PS3s get a firmware patch for this.  Folding, gaming, and possibly 100GB discs.  What's not to love?
Via:  PC Pro
frg1 6 years ago

 i would have to get bluray for my pc then

hongsc 6 years ago

 MGS4 after complaints that there isn't enough space.

Crisis Causer 6 years ago

If a firmware update is possible, then that still leaves the greater majority of standalone Blu-ray players without the capability.  Yet another advantage to buying a PS3 instead.  100GB disc... it's quite amazing if possible.

Metal Gear Solid 4 was having trouble fitting onto a 50GB dual-layer BD.  That's what they get for wanting uncompressed lossless 7.1 audio.  That game comes out in June so it's too late.  But for future apps that needs the space, 100GB should be enough for a long time. 

willardcw4 6 years ago

Assuming the technology does materialize into the commerical arena, I have a feeling it will only be a year or two before we get more companies complaining that 100 GB is too small :) Hell... I still remember when laser discs were in use (in fact I have a few) and now we're at 100GB four-layer blu-ray discs/players... WTF!?

ice_73 6 years ago

id still put my bets on holographic disks :-p

but 100gb disc, man oh man perhaps i should get one and use that to back up my hdd :-) 

SqUiD267 6 years ago

Another feat for the Bluray. 


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