News MacBooks Highlighted by Circuit Brd Orders?

Since moving to the "top of the world," everything Apple does is watched - and watched carefully.  With iPhone launches done (though iPhone shortages still of interest), some have turned their eyes toward the more mundane portion of Apple's business: the computer portion of it.  And some circuit board orders are being pointed as a possible clue of new MacBooks.

The Commercial Times reported (in Chinese, but translated by Digitimes) that Apple has increased its orders of printed-circuit boards for notebooks by 20 percent, compared to last quarter.

Macs are selling pretty well lately, but that's a stronger boost than would be expected from the usual seasonal patterns, and it's unlikely that Apple would be planning for that kind of boost unless it planned to trot out new hardware this quarter.

There are a few signs that Apple is about ready for new notebooks. Intel has shipped a new notebook processor and chipset, albeit a little late. AppleInsider reported earlier this month that a redesign was imminent, after confirming that a supposed image of new MacBook posted on a message board was genuine.

Also, Apple values the back-to-school shopping season more than just about any other PC company.

Ah yes, back-to-school season is coming.  And who can resist the siren call of a new MacBook (well, except for those wedded to Windows, perhaps - though there's always Boot Camp!)?
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Anonymous 6 years ago

 Boot camp is cool, I just wish there was something similar To Run Mac OS on a pc platform. Just goes to show the versatility of windows though. For all the complaints about it consider all the different hardware that actually works on it. Its mind boggling almost.

I would also love to learn more about Mac OS since I am a operating system specialist I admit it is something I dont know a lot about and I dont want to spend 3000 dollars paying for Mac mediocre hardware.

kallaz 6 years ago
Well my friend if you know a mac book as "mediocre hardware" then you are fine using windows, or any win-tel pc, and as a operating system specialist as you claim of your self you don't seem so much of specialist if 3k is too much for you
Anonymous 6 years ago

 Yes 3k is too much when you can get double the performance for the same price from a windows notebook. 

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