New iPhone App Provides Information About Your Date's Past

A new iPhone app from background-check powerhouse Intelius enables the popular smartphone to expose information people are hiding. The new DateCheck app could prove very useful for people in the dating scene who want to quickly check to see whether their aspiring mate is a creep or a gem.

Using names and telephone numbers, DateCheck users can check the Intelius database to uncover the truth about their romantic connections. Unflattering facts that people may want to hide, such as criminal pasts or current marital status is available.

"Records don't lie, but people do," Intelius product marketing manager Katherine Herman said during an on-stage demonstration. "DateCheck is tougher on my dates than even my Dad was."

There's even a Sleaze Detector feature in DateCheck that can find and list records of crimes including sexual assaults, drug arrests, and drunken driving. Another feature, called Living Situation uses address information to figure out who the person lives with, whether that be roommates, parents, or a spouse.

Assuming your next date makes it past the Sleaze Detector, you can also use the app to find out more information about their personal life, such as how big their house is, the price of the home, and even how much real estate taxes they pay on the property.

For people who put a lot of weight in astrological signs, a compatibility feature uses birth dates to determine if a couple is well-matched for one another. To help avoid awkward silence, keep the conversation going by using the Interest feature to search online social networks including Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, and LinkedIn to find out more about one another via links to profile pages.

DateCheck for the iPhone is expected to be available very soon at Apple's online App Store. Another version of the application that is compatible with Android devices will be rolled out in a few weeks. A Blackberry version should be available by year's end.

The iPhone application and general background information, such as whether someone has a criminal record, are free. For more detailed background information, you'll have to pay a fee. Some details are available for a just a few dollars while comprehensive reports cost $40 each.

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gibbersome 5 years ago

This works if everything in the database will be absolutely accurate.

Still, whatever happened to getting to know a person gradually? Now you want to pull their entire life before dating them?

Kyouya 5 years ago

I can understand how people want to protect themselves from creeps...but this seems a tad superficial. It's like you have to have pre-requisites to be qualified to date someone to a greater and shallow extent.

realneil 5 years ago

This just assumes that people are hiding information,…....the other terminology for this is personal privacy,…You know that thing that we supposedly have a right to? This software is an invasion of privacy, plain and simple.

Technology based corporations are heavy into our personal information. The expression that “they know more about you than you know yourself” is strikingly correct.

Just about any company can add information onto your credit history, thereby affecting your credit worthiness. There is no vetting process in place to add this information either. They just connect with a computer and add what they want to, anytime they want. Most retail outfits only give rudimentary training to employees before turning them loose with all of this power. They may just make a little mistake, they may do something to your records purposely and maliciously too, and they can if they want to. But if you try to get the information removed or corrected, you have to jump through hoops, fill out forms, wait forever for any result, and usually have to use a lawyer to threaten them with a lawsuit before you get satisfaction.

This is your information that they have effectively hijacked and now call their own while restricting your say in how it’s delivered to other people that you don’t know.

My credit is “checked” by companies that I have no business relationship with on a regular basis. Then they send me “offers” in the mail.

They'll check your credit before you can get car insurance and the report will affect your rate even though you may have a perfect driving record.

These are all facts and only scratch the tip of the information collected and used against you every day.

This iPhone application's cavalier, public dissemination of people's information is just more of the same invasion of privacy and it is irresponsible at best, and has gone totally out of control.

Intelius should be shut down for this.

digitaldd 5 years ago

yeah there's an app for that too LoL


i guess this app would prevent the apps in the fake commercial linked  above from being a problem?

3vi1 5 years ago

Note to self: Start service that will do Googlewashing to indicate that customers share a duplex with Johnny Depp.

AJayD 5 years ago

Ah, the gold-diggers dream app has arrived.

Solution...get a prepaid phone.

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