New Comcast Triple-Play Subs to Get "Wii" Bonus

It certainly wouldn't be a deal-breaker (or maker) to us, but if you still can't get a Nintendo Wii (and annoyingly, it's still in short supply), and you're interested in signing your life away for two years to Comcast, this could be the deal for you.

On Monday, hot on the heels of the announcement that Comcast will soon receive a slap on the wrist --- and hopefully, an order to stop throttling P2P --- Comcast announced that new subscribers to their Comcast Triple Play package will receive a complimentary Nintendo Wii system.

Triple Play is what it sounds: three services: high-speed Internet, digital cable, and digital voice.  Currently in my area this upgrade would run us $69 / month.  One other lowlight: you are signing up for a two-year contract if you get this.

Of course, the fact that we already have a Wii and love our DirecTV means that we will naturally pass on this deal.  However, we know a few who are desperate enough, and who were considering Comcast anyway, who might just consider it.
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3DtoHD 6 years ago
Not a bad deal! Thats way cheaper than what I pay for the cox bundle service.
nECrO1967 6 years ago
Not even a free Wii would entice me to go back to Comcast's horrible customer service and price hikes every time you sneeze. I'm more than happy with my DirectTV as well.
Savage Animal 6 years ago

I beleive i've said this in other threads, but I can't stand VOIP service. It is way too unreliable, I will never go back.  Fios is where it's at, even if it is a little priceier.

kid007 6 years ago

 i had that 3x play thing from comcast it was a waste of money!!!!!!!!! cancelled and only have the internet! first their rate are not justify and they will increase your bill because they feel like it... that happen to me and i'm so freaking mad at them still that why i'm opted to only have my internet...

miscpenguin 6 years ago
Yeah, pass. Sorry, Comcast. :P
mfe5003 6 years ago
hmm I spent today trying to figure out what internet I wanted for my apartment this year... judging by the response here it looks like I'll be going with verizon
nECrO1967 6 years ago
I love how they say it's 25 times faster than DSL. It is faster but try and get them to put that on paper. It's in the adds but they use the words "up to...." and disclaim everything in the fine print. My own unofficial testing looks like 2 times as fast. Nowhere near 25 times. IMO they should be fined for false advertising.
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