New Batteries Recharged when Shaken, not Stirred

The next time you walk down the street and see some suit spazzing out, don't assume he's crazy (unless he's foaming at the mouth), maybe he's just recharging his digital camera, or any other electronic device that uses AA or AAA batteries. That's because the eggheads at Brother Industries Ltd. have put together vibration-powered generators capable of giving the company's prototype batteries a shot of juice when shaken.

"The new generator will semi-permanently eliminate the need to replace batteries and contribute to reducing the amount of wastes," Brother Industries explains.

Brother Industries' AA-size prototype with the generator and rechargeable battery installed in different cases.
In their current form, these aren't going to replace AA or AAA batteries in high-powered gadgets, but for things like remote controls and other low-power devices that don't constantly consume power, these AA/AAA lookalikes offer a serviceable replacement. According to Brother Industries, these new batteries can be used in devices with a maximum power consumption of around 100mW.

Unlike other promising battery technologies, this could actually see the light of day, and soon. Already in prototype form, Brother Industries has been showing off the vibration-powered Generating Battery at the Techno-Frontier 2010 exhibition in Tokyo.
Via:  TechOn
ClemSnide 4 years ago

Back in my youth-- I'm dating myself, but that's just because no one else will date me-- we had self-winding watches. Through the action of moving, the mainspring was wound, and released slowly to provide the clock's functions.

Nice to see this idea still in use! And we can ressurect an old joke: The guy who's so lazy his self-winding smartphone always runs out of power.

slugbug 4 years ago

I always preferred wind up watches myself. The same with wall clocks.

JastinSlayer 4 years ago

@ClemSnide My father still have one self-winding Seiko watch. I think watch is about 20 years old and still works perfectly.

acarzt 4 years ago

This reminds me of that flashlight from the infomercials that you shake up to keep powered.

I can think of one vibrating device these would protentially be perfect for :-x

inspector 4 years ago

... lol acarzt? :D and ya i have seen may flashlights where you shake to power or crank it.

This isn't a product for me... :D i don't want to look stupid walking down the street or sitting in a car shaking like crazy to get it powered up. then look up to everyone staring at me O.o :).

acarzt 4 years ago

Well the impact from walking is going to cause vibration. How do you think pedometers(no not the ones used to detect pedophiles) work? :-P

Also, shaking a remote around wouldn't bother me much.

Or maybe a gaming controller? the vibration function alone would help re-energize the batteries plus if you really get into the game(or really suck at it) i'm sure you'll be moving around a lot and making plenty of vibrations lol

Inspector 4 years ago

lol acarzt, you be throwing it around the room cause your losing... but hey its for a good cause, your helping the world by using those rechargeable battery! :D. i would probably only use it for home devices cause i don't want to look stupid out doors shaking say a camera... :)

Also, im sure just walking isn't going to generate anything much or anything at all :)

acarzt 4 years ago

Well then you're not walking right! lol

Yea... I get angry and frustrated at stupid platformers with bad camera angles where I keep falling to my doom. So I start dropping f bombs and smashing the controller into stuff lol

Then my GF pokes her head around the corner like "wtf mate?"

fat78 4 years ago

Then the cops show up for domestic disturbance

AKwyn 4 years ago

Yeah fat78, that only works if somebody calls the cops; also it wouldn't be considered a domestic disturbance, it'd be considered "inconsiderate to neighbors" because it takes place inside and not on an outside place.

acarzt 4 years ago

Until I walk out into the hallway at my apartments and start yelling at the top of my lungs about how gay this game is and that it's a peice of crap etc. lol

AKwyn 4 years ago

I possibly would. I wouldn't want to replace my batteries when they die, how wasteful would that be?

animatortom 4 years ago

This remindes me of that Shake-Weight you see on TV!

Someone is going to get alot of practice, or be to tired for later sitting in front of that nice Apple after the porn is done downloading!

Or you could just invent a strap to go around your dogs leg or tail for when you scratch his belly!

acarzt 4 years ago

lol... that shake weight is hilarious.

You know what the inverntor was thinking when he made that. He was probably just shocked that he got away with it lol

lonewolf 4 years ago

This sounds promising.

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