Netflix Launching Next Original Content Series On July 11th

If you're a conventional TV channel, there's no question that Netflix has your attention. In fact, Amazon as well. Streaming video services the world over are stepping their games up, acting as more than just dumb pipes that channel content made elsewhere. In order to bolster their appeal, they're now diving into the art of content creation. Netflix has a hit on its hands with House of Cards, and now it's clear that the company is planning to dive head-first into original productions.

Netflix announced this week yet another new series: Orange is the New Black. It's premiering exclusively on Netflix on July 11th. Created by Jenji Kohan ("Weeds"), the comedic drama starring Taylor Schilling is set in a women's prison and is based on the U.S. best-selling memoir by Piper Kerman. All thirteen one-hour episodes in the series from Lionsgate Television will be available at launch -- a similar tactic was used with House of Cards, allowing Netflix users to "binge watch" and consumer every single episode on launch day should they choose. That's a very different approach to network TV, where episodes are fed to viewers on a very strict weekly schedule.

Netflix members will have access to "Orange is the New Black" at 12:01 AM PDT in all territories where Netflix is available – U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Latin America, Brazil and the Nordics. Something tells us this is just the start of something big for Netflix, and all streaming services.
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MayhemMatthew one year ago

Is it going to be as terrible as the last and always recommended even though you watch nothing similar?

Johnny3D one year ago

I haven't watched House of Cards yet, but I did watch Hemlock Grove. I thought Hemlock Grove was alright... not spectacular, but interesting enough to keep my attention and for me to watch through the series. Not certain that I'd be all that interested in watching a show about women in prison, but it could be good.

ajm531 one year ago

hmmm hulu and netflix are streaming more original content. i guess netflix has to make up for all those soon to be lost movies and tv shows. 

Manduh one year ago

I'm looking forward to this series. I tried House Of Cards, wasn't in the right mood so I only lasted 20mins. I might give it another shot. I did like Hemlock Grove, mainly for the wtf aspect to it... there was just enough to keep you watching but not too much to make you turn it off lol. I'm into a wide range of genres so I like that Netflix is mixing it up and not sticking to one particular style of show.

realneil one year ago

House of cards was alright. (I've seen three episodes so far)

Hemlock Grove I haven't seen yet.

I'm all for these "other than network TV" projects. Their stranglehold had to end sometime, and the sooner it happens, the better.

Clixxer one year ago

I'll have to try out House of Cards sometime. I've heard mixed things about it but all the previews looks good. 

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