Net Neutrality Protest Planned for Noon at Google HQ

The Google - Verizon net neutrality policy proposal that was unveiled on Monday has been the subject of much criticism. As a follow-up, a number of groups have planned a protest at Google's Mountain View HQ tomorrow at 12 noon, PDT.

Although it is true that even the EFF found a few good points in the proposal, it found many negative and troubling aspects. Those include such items as the exclusion of wireless services, the mention of the ability to define the vague "additional online services" that could include prioritization, and the use of the term "reasonable network management," one might think could include throttling.

Of course, some all calling all this "fear-mongering." Perhaps it is, but to err on the side of caution is probably a good thing.

At any rate, a number of groups, including, Credo Action,, Free Press and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee have organized the protest at Google's HQ., one can assume, will be there as well.

The heat that both Google and Verizon have felt has been such that Google felt it necessary to defend itself in a blog post on Thursday. Free Press has already emailed its 15,000 Bay Area followers, and MoveOn is expected to email its Bay Area members as well, and their numbers are well above those of Free Press.

We'll see how many show up at Google HQ at noon, but there is even a bus "caravan" leaving from San Francisco’s Opera House at 11 AM on Friday.
rapid1 4 years ago

I don't understand why this is even a debate personally. The Net was born free, and has basically run that way for it's entire public life (I know I am personifying a commodity). I see this much as basic as free speech, and in many ways the same thing. I know it is a network, and these companies maintain it, but they also make money doing so, and the amounts of money here are considerable. This is also not to mention that if they don't want to put up with net neutrality I can guarantee you several companies will do it, and do so without complaint.

infinityzen 4 years ago

Actually, the little thing called the internet was not born free. It was born by the military to allow them to maintain communication and transfer of classified materials. What grew into the internet of today was the research and test systems that colleges setup while testing them system.

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