Nanovision Mimo 7" USB Powered LCD Monitors

DisplayLink support has been showing up in a growing collection of display products, such as monitors, projectors, docking stations, and adapters (such as DVI-to-USB adapters). One of the display types that DisplayLink folks have been talking about for a while now, are small, 7-inch LCD panels--similar in size and shape to a digital photo frame. Such a small-format display could potentially meet the needs of those who seek the extra screen real-estate, but who either can't afford to buy another full-sized monitor or perhaps don't have the room for one. These 7-inch displays could also be the perfect accessory for those who constantly monitor stock or news feeds, or for those who like to keep their IM clients or social-networking feeds close at hand, but not necessarily taking center stage.

We're still waiting for the DisplayLink-powered, small-format displays from Samsung and D-Link--both vendors have promised that their products are on the horizon; in the meantime, the first such displays to hit U.S. shores are from Nanovision in the form of the Mimo UM-710 and Mimo UM-740 displays. Both are LCDs with 7-inches of viewable area that can be set for either horizontal (portrait) or vertical (landscape) viewing. They both use DisplayLink technology to receive video signals from Windows or Mac systems via USB connections; and they both are also USB-bus powered as well, so they don't have power supplies that need to be plugged into wall sockets. They share a number of differences as well, most importantly, the UM-740 includes touch-screen support, while the UM-710 does not. Click the link below and check them out...

Nanovision Mimo 7" USB Powered LCD Monitors

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bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Kinda selling me on this things. I still think they are a bit overpriced for what they are though.

acarzt 5 years ago

These are too expensive and I don't see myself using these for more than 1 week lol I think it would be more of a bragging right than anything :-P

Altho it would be pretty cool to have my system's vital signs running on that screen at all times.

displayworks 5 years ago

Too sad, wondering how long the banckrup company can survive without exposing the fact to consumers?? As far as we know, the company is under court receivership.

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