NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT Launch and 3-Way Shootout

NVIDIA launched the first release of their next generation GeForce 9 GPU architecture today and this time the company decided to come out with a mainstream, more reasonably priced offering first, versus the traditional high-end, pricey flagship boards that are typically showcased for the introduction of a new graphics processor.  The new NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT is based on the NVIDIA G94 GPU and is manufactured on a 65nm process with a 64 stream processor architecture. To put that in perspective, NVIDIA’s previous generation mid-range component (the 8600 GT) had half the number of SPs at 32, though due its 65nm process shrink, the 9600 GPU is still quite small thus still cost and power-efficient. 

As you'll see in the benchmarks here, the board also offers a fair bang for the buck, given its sub $200 price point.  Hit it...

peti1212 6 years ago

Finally somekind of a 9 Series video card is already out. They perform quite well though in SLI. I bet it would run crysis nicely in SLI mode if I can run Crysis right now with my 8800GTS 512 video card.

mentaldisorder 6 years ago

 When will the rest of the cards come out?

1nteljunki3 6 years ago
They've pushed back the other cards a bit, such as the 9800GX2 (Or whatever the final name will be) which is similar to the 7950GX2 from before. I'm hoping they hit us with a better single chip solution though so drivers won't be a problem like last time.
Lev_Astov 6 years ago
You know, I saw one of those Palit cards on eBay a week ago and thought it was some kind of scam because of how odd it looked (and the fact that I've never heard of Palit before).

I can't wait to see what Nvidia has in store for their enthusiast class cards.
Der Meister 6 years ago

 great deal for the price

werty316 6 years ago

Great review however being that this is a midrange card I think it should havebeen priced in that catagory.

WIth the 3800 series getting a nice price cut along with the 8800GS and 9600GT, I'm in a pickle with my upgrade decision.

werty316 6 years ago

After reading a few other reviews and based on the price of the 9600GT I think it would be much better just to get a 8800GT since you can get them for the same price and cheaper when on sale. 

^Bad_Boy^ 6 years ago
Nice card.. but I think they should sell for less than that...

I just ordered an XFX 8800GS for my lil' brother's rig.. and I thought it was a great deal.
Kamrooz 6 years ago

 If this card is priced around the 150-180 marks, it'll for sure be a big hit, but honestly, the 8800 GT is still the best in terms of money/performance if you ask me ^_^. If I'm to build a budget gaming rig for a friend in the next few months, or recommendations, this card will definitely be on that list. But we'll have to wait to see the official price, all of the pricing atm is speculation.

recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

[quote user="Kamrooz"]all of the pricing atm is speculation. [/quote]

Actually newegg has 13 models in stock right now ranging in price from 180 - 210, but prices will come down at least a bit pretty quickly in my estimation!

HERE is a link to the query page with all 13 models... check em out!!!



Kamrooz 6 years ago

I didn't notice that. Downside though, those prices aren't marked up like newegg normally does with new/hot products. NCIX also has them in stock at about the same price. It's definitely not a bad price at all, definitely a better buy over the 3870, but I'd only pay 180 tops for it. If it goes any higher, may as well nab a 8800 GT.

Crisis Causer 6 years ago
GeForce 8800GS, Radeon 3870, GeForce 9600GT... they all perform pretty similarily.  It's good to be in the market for a $150-$190 card.  Sapphire 3870 is $185 on Newegg.  What a remarkable turnaround from $240 just a month ago.  Competition is great.
recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

The GFX card industry is deffinately booming right now!

Kamrooz 6 years ago

[quote user="recoveringknowitall"]

The GFX card industry is deffinately booming right now!


Indeed, But if only ATI had a single gpu card that could be competitive with the highend =(. I'm still worried about r700...I don't think it'll outperform a Ultra by much, rumor is a 50% increase over r600...But they would obviously have fixed the AA issues, otherwise they'd be incredibly dim witted. But with the ammount of time Nvidia has had to tweak G100, I doubt much is gonna change in the next generation architectures, yes the gap will become smaller, but there will still be a gap IMO. 

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