NVIDIA G-SYNC Do-It-Yourself Kit Now Available For Order

NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology keeps the output from a Kepler-based GPU in sync with a monitor regardless of framerates and irrespective of whether or not V-Sync is enabled; the result is a butter-smooth GPU-controlled display that essentially obviates fixed vertical refresh rates. (You can read a detailed primer on G-SYNC here.)


There are some G-SYNC-enabled displays coming, including at least one from ASUS (the 27-inch ROG SWIFT PG278Q at 2560x1440), but for a limited time, eager modders can upgrade an ASUS VG248QE display already with a DIY G-SYNC kit from NVIDIA.

There’s a handy installation video and an accompanying instructional PDF, and NVIDIA says that you can perform the mod in roughly 30 minutes. The kit costs $199, with a $9.50 standard shipping charge. If you’re the sort that salivates at exposing the guts of your monitor and trying out some G-SYNC goodness, you’re welcome and have a fun weekend.
AxelNilsson 11 months ago

Finally! But I'm currently more interested in AMD's solution "Freesync"

KellyOKeefe 11 months ago

buddy got one....microstuddering = gone, still sees lots of ghosting....lightboost doesnt work on Asus gaming LCD's with it....is it worth 200 bucks? we dont think so.....but its just released...

SMcAffry 11 months ago

From what I remember reading, Freesync is only going to work on laptops.

Edit: here is a link http://techreport.com/news/25878/nvidia-responds-to-amd-free-sync-demo

ECouts 11 months ago

It looks to me like it's updateable; so, as patches come out, the problems should be fixed.

KellyOKeefe 11 months ago

i think it is, ill have to check with him and see how its done....however this is cheaper than buying a monitor with it built in already, i think the 27 inch ASUS was around 800~

ECouts 11 months ago

One thing worth noting is that it removes your HDMI and DVI connections. So, if you were using your monitor for any of your gaming consoles on the side, you're S.O.L. without a Displayport to HDMI converter.

And Kelly, 800 what? There are several countries that read these.

AxelNilsson 11 months ago

For now, it is only a demo.

EvansChaba 11 months ago


KellyOKeefe 11 months ago

oh sorry USD.....my bad :)

JustinHeiden 11 months ago

$200!!!!!! You've gotta be kidding me. It's not worth that much.

JakeMetica 11 months ago

ok its good but Nvidia doesnt quite give me the worth for my money.. ill go with AMD GPUs and that technology is free.. FREESYNC!!!

EdwardGrunloh 3 months ago


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