NSA Report Notes Snowden Leaks Were An Inside Job With Three NSA Co-Workers Involved

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was able to access as much as he did, it’s apparently because he had help. According to an L.A. Times report, at least three other NSA workers helped him--wittingly or not.

An NSA memo says that one of the three was an active-duty military member, while another was a civilian contractor like Snowden. No details were revealed about those two, including whether or not they worked with Snowden at his NSA location in Hawaii, but it does say that they have both been barred from accessing NSA systems since then.

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden (Credit: The Guardian)

The third individual was a civilian employee who, it turns out, let Snowden use his Public Key Infrastructure ID to access materials that Snowden was not otherwise able to access with his own clearance. Reportedly the worker didn’t know that Snowden was planning reveal classified documents to the media.

Snowden reportedly was able to copy that person’s password and continue using the system in that way later on, although Snowden denies that he stole anyone’s passwords. The worker, in any case, has since resigned after having his security clearance revoked.

"[Edward Snowden] knew exactly what he was doing," James R. Clapper, the director of national intelligence, told the Senate Armed Services Committee. "And it was his job as assistant administrator to arrange across a lot of the databases. And he was pretty skilled at staying below the radar, so what he was doing wasn't visible."
Via:  L.A. Times
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JamesEzell 10 months ago

they're going to get their pound of flesh from someone.

MikeElliott 10 months ago

@ JamesEzell- and so they should. Espionage is a serious offence.

CliffVincent 10 months ago

they are now making up accomplices so they can hang someone and make themselves look better... what a bunch of retards

MikeElliott 10 months ago

@CliffVincent - "Making up?" That's a heavy accusation.

mike coyne 10 months ago

Yeah, I did read this in newspaper yesterday. It was in big trouble! It was not right.

RyanDuty 10 months ago

Frankly what disgusts me about this whole story since it has been going on is that not enough americans even question the fact that their govt is/was/still is spying on them. You know if you did that in the 70's you got impeached and lost your presidency, but in this day and age hiding behind the threat of terrorism presidents, and other higher ups in the govt are now allowed to get away with this with very little consequence.

SNeese 10 months ago

He is a traitor during a time of war. Plain and simple. Whistle blowers don't steal 1.7 million documents and then share them with our greatest rivals.

FJakimowicz 10 months ago

Man... I wonder if you also apply the same judgment to former president Bush Jr. This man sent US to two wars with FAKE proofs, made US spend lots of soldiers life and contributors money and benefiting a few companies that make a great profit out of many people and countries suffering. I have never seen even a intent to judge him by his acts, not even call him to clarify his acts against the senate. No nothing... and he was the president of US for god sake!

RonnyBryson 10 months ago

What whistleblower stole 1.7 million documents, Snowden stole less than 100,000. Actually, 1.7 million is the highest potential amount that the NSA came up with, then others started stating it a a definite number.

sevags 10 months ago

Sneese; under the law sure he's a traitor, but in reality he is a hero. He did us all a favor by releasing the truth. In no way has any of this benefitted him being a criminal, living in Russia, can't return to his home. As a USAF Veteran, I salute Mr. Snowden.

TrentDouglas 10 months ago

Sign this petetion from Ron Paul to support Edward Snowden!


RonnyBryson 10 months ago

As for this new Fantasy put out by none other than the lying Clapper, who knows if it is true or not, The NSA etc has put out many lies and deceptions either to cover up something, make themselves or their system look efficient and useful, or to make Snowden look bad. Even if they start telling the truth, no one could be blamed for not believing them. The thing is by their own recent admission, they didn't know how he did it. now suddenly they talk about some retroactive discoveries of Snowden stealing/ tricking others to give him their codes etc, so they either lied or are lying....... yet again. Maybe these guys have been in these departments too long and have forgotten how to tell the truth, or what the truth actually is

RonnyBryson 10 months ago

The NSA is right, it was an inside job, Snowden was inside at the time.

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