MyVerizon Android App Adds Data Counter

AT&T was the first carrier to move to tiered, capped data plans for its smartphones, but the other big three carriers are expected to follow, someday. With the release of a new MyVerizon Android app, are we getting a hint from Verizon?

The new version, 5.0, has a bunch of uses, but a new one that's been added is a handy dandy, widget to track your data use. Indeed we have unlimited data now (as the widget clearly says), but who knows how long that will last? Not long, if this is a hint.

For Android newcomers, perhaps jumping on the bandwagon with the already backordered Motorola Droid X, to add the warning, er, informative widget to your home screen, long press on an area of the home screen and select the MyVerizon widget which, unlike a shortcut, is really a running application.  You will then know when you are approaching the soon-to-come (sob) tier.

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acarzt 4 years ago

Le Sigh... why oh why do these cell phone companies insist on doing this?

Actually even ISPs are trying to do this... TWC.... it's really friggin lame...

ClemSnide 4 years ago

Everyone here, I'm sure, will agree that they like unlimited data plans. Me, I've opted out of it; the only mobile computing I do is near a WiFi hotspot, which is potentially (but seldom practically) faster.

However, I have to say that-- if you do have a tiered or otherwise limited plan-- it's officially a good thing to know when you're close to that monthly limit and can therefore either make the informed decision to go over, or throttle back your downloading of porn important work.

acarzt 4 years ago

A lot of the wireless hot spots i've come into contact with have usually only been free if you have a service with the particular company porviding the wifi... so it's not exactly free....

Such a pain. Plus at work we don't have wifi and the computers have stupid filters... plus i'm supposed to be doing work anyway. lol

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