Mozilla Ships Firefox 5 Beta Right On Time

The full, Gold-master release of Firefox 4 is still behind held close to the chest, but already Mozilla is thinking about Firefox 5. The next major iteration of the browser is destined to bring about some fairly serious upgrades, and the company managed to ship the beta of FF5 last Friday, right on time. It's also proof that the company is serious about competing in the browser wars, with IE9 and Chrome making for serious competition.

FF5 is scheduled to be completed on June 21st, and you can bet that the servers will be hammered once it's out the door. The Aurora channel was home to the beta, and Mozilla has promised support for the CSS Animation Standard and the inclusion of a "channel switcher" that lets users flip between Firefox's three editions of Aurora, Beta and Release. The detailed release notes include a whopping 1053 changes and fixes, but it looks as if the UI will remain the same as that shown in FF4. Of course, the company could pull out all of the stops before release, and one thing's for sure: fans will be waiting.

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realneil 3 years ago

Wilted Flower I trust FireFox in a way that I'll never be able to trust Internet Explorer again. IE's famous pattern of security breeches is legion among those of us who have been computing for a long time)

Even if FireFox stumbles, I have Chrome to fall back on. Opera is viable too, so one need never subject themselves to IE at all, unless you like an occasional flogging. Smile

HHGrrl 3 years ago

I live in FireFox and only fire up IE when I absolutely have to. It's always good to hear about the latest developments from Mozilla. I've often wondered, though, how does Mozilla make money? Maybe it's an obvious answer that I'm overlooking, but I'd be curious to know.

jimmyjamesros 3 years ago

Hopefully they will fix their memory leak issues. I will be giving it a try again to see if I can be pulled away from Chrome.

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