Mozilla Chief to Step Down Later This Year

Mozilla today announced several changes to its executive leadership team, including a changing of the guard at the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position. Current CEO Gary Kovacs, "having accomplished the goals and objectives he and the team set out to achieve," will step down later this year, however he will continue to serve on Mozilla's Board of Directors, the browser maker said.

The leadership changes come as Mozilla reacts to a market that's trending toward mobile.

Mozilla Firefox for Android

"In 2010, it was clear that while the desktop was an important target platform, that the future is mobile," Mozilla stated in a blog post. "And there was an opportunity to move people to the center of their connected experience and unlock untapped potential for innovation by enabling the Web as the platform.

"With a deep background in mobile, Gary Kovacs was enlisted as CEO in October 2010 to lead the organization and establish the framework to accomplish these goals. Over the past two and a half years, we’re incredibly proud of what we have accomplished."

Having done what he set out to do, Kovacs will hand the reins over to a successor yet to be named. Several other changes were also announced. For example, Jay Sullivan, who previously served as Mozilla's SVP of Products, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer.
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thunderdan602 one year ago

Mozilla has done pretty well for themselves. That new mobile OS they are working on may turn out to be a hit. Can't wait to see what they will do in another 2 years.

mhenriday one year ago

Thank you, Mozilla, for Firefox ! Were it not for you, most users would still be stuck with IE6 !...


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