Motorola Xoom Date, Pricing Revealed by Best Buy Circular

Looks like we have some compelling evidence that the Motorola Xoom will launch on February 24, as multiple rumors have claimed. This Best Buy ad image says that the first Android tablet to carry the tablet-optimized Honeycomb (Android 3.0) OS will be "available in-store on February 24."

That's pretty good evidence. The ad also confirms the pricing to be $799.99, which is bound to bring groans to the mouths of many. While an Apples-to-Apples comparison (no pun intended) of the Xoom vs. an iPad, and not the lowest-priced wi-fi only iPad but one that at least has 3G and the same storage space shows $799.99 isn't really overpriced, the price is bound to be criticized.

An additional ouch comes via the data plans revealed in the ad. The data plans start at $20 per month for 1GB and goes all the way up to a 10GB allowance for $80 (these are identical to Verizon's data pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab).
Via:  Engadget
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acarzt 3 years ago

That's a bit expensive... and no sign of a rebate... :-(

First to complain lol :-D

rapid1 3 years ago

Yeah it does sound expensive, but I am wondering how it will play out. These seem to stipulate that it is with no contract. If you buy a smart phone with any provider without a contract it is between $5-600. So if this is without a contract it is more, but not really that much more. Then of course if you buy an iPad without contract it is also more is it not? So I am wondering what they will charge with a contract for these as well as what the connection options will be.

coolice 3 years ago

$800 means a 50inch low end tv... or a decent home theatre system, or a decent gaming computer, a killer eyefinity set up... and if you look around, a not so bad american car from the 90's. Or a drum set, omg, a plane ticket to china, a decent dslr camera.

though its a great device, and i'm hoping HH gets to review it.... 800$ means 1 course at my university haha. I'm pretty sure cell phone networks will pick it up, for like 300$ / month, unless thats the price if u sign up a contract with verizon.... Man thats expensive.

Keep in mind, this is from the perspective of a cheap student ~25k in debt and not even 21 yet.

acarzt 3 years ago

$800 bought me a 50" 1080P Plasma that looks amazing lol

Also, I don't think you get a discount on the ipad for buying it on contract... it seems to be the same for this.

Got my Galaxy Tab for $400 on Contract.

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