Motorola DROID RAZR M Smartphone Review

The Motorola DROID RAZR M is billed as a mainstream DROID variant that's aimed at consumers looking to spend less than $100 on a new smartphone. With many Android-based LTE phones selling for $199 to $299 on-contract, having a $99 entry point is a pretty big deal. Perhaps more impressively, Motorola has managed to include a rather stout list of internals, which include a dual-core Snapdragon S4 SoC and 1GB of RAM, despite the lower MSRP…

Motorola DROID RAZR M Smartphone Review

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venko 2 years ago

Mixed usage of 20 hours is not even a day!

TooMuchStuff 2 years ago

Is there a way to use the volume control as a physical camera shutter release as you can do on an iPhone? How come so many of these android phones don't have these buttons anymore?

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