Moto X Lands At Republic Wireless For $299 With New Service Plans

We were effusive in our acclaim over Republic Wireless’ astonishingly inexpensive mobile service, and the company is making more headway in the mobile market now that it’s added the Moto X to its offerings.

The Moto X (review here), which you can snag for $299 through Republic Wireless, brings a higher-end handset option to the service and should pull in many more customers than the old $249 Motorola Defy XT. You can opt for a black or white version of the new phone.

Republic Wireless Moto X

Along with the availability of the Moto X, Republic Wireless is launching its new service plans. You still don’t need a contract, and you can change up your plan up to twice per month if you need to scale your options up or down. Plans start at $5 per month for unlimited WiFi-only talk, text, and data; $10 will get you the same, as well as unlimited calls and texts. The $25 plan offers unlimited everything over WiFi and 3G, and for $40 you can get unlimited everything over 4G.

This is a ridiculous deal; adding in the cost of the Moto X, you could have an attractive smartphone option and unlimited 4G connectivity for a paltry $779 a year or, extrapolating over the span of two years, you’d pay $1,259. That’s a steal compared to most unlimited plans even with a subsidized handset, and with Republic Wireless you’re not locked into a contract.
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Steve C 11 months ago

I switched to Republic Wireless a few months back from Verizon. They were killing me with the monthly charges. Around $120 a month. Verizon does have the best 4G coverage. I won’t deny that. I got the Republic plan for $25 a month. Unlimited calls, text and data with 3G. I dont have the 4G on my plan. It takes a few seconds longer for the internet to load compared to Verizon. But for $100 a month savings its well worth it. If you get the 4G with Republic remember you might not have use of it except in large cities. Im completely happy with the plan I have. I have no dropped calls. The switch from wifi to Sprint 3G is seamless. Those commercials for Verizon that show the map show the 4G map coverage only and 3G is pretty much everywhere so their ads are really misleading. It works great. Get the Moto X phone and not the Defy (it sucks). The Moto X rocks. Yes, you will have to pay $299 for the phone upfront but it pays for itself in a few months. Do the math and figure out your yearly cost compared with your current plan. Even if you have to pay an early termination fee it will save you money over the next year or two. I have a link that you can use to save $19 for the first month. Yes, it helps me with my bill too when you do. I won’t lie. For Christmas bonus my boss decided to let most of us go and I am unemployed. If you don’t like Republic, there is no contract. Just switch back. It is a great company.

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