Mobile Phones To Become E-Wallets Later This Year

It's finally happening. Well, maybe we should rephrase that. It's finally happening in America. NFC payments, as well as other contactless options, have been all the rage in places like Japan for years now, with many cellphones having these chips embedded in them, enabling consumers to pay for metro rides and groceries with a swipe of their handset. It's a brilliant idea that would greatly simplify life for those sick and tired of fiddling with credit cards. But for whatever reason, the concept has had a very difficult time taking hold in North America. Finally, it seems that's changing.

The Samsung-built Nexus S is the first major smartphone in this market with a built-in NFC chip, and it looks to be the catalyst for a payment revolution. Mobile World Congress saw a huge amount of contactless payment vendors and partners demonstrating at the show, with Visa's PayWave being a major player. There are plans for a major U.S. rollout later in the year, and if Visa can get these into shops, any NFC phone can take advantage. The news is that this is finally hitting retail. There will soon be a microSD card that has NFC on it, enabling even existing smartphones to play ball. That kind of retrofitting will almost definitely boost adoption.

Furthermore, Apple is rumored to have an NFC chip in their forthcoming iPhone 5, and while some may balk at the idea, there's a good chance that an NFC-enabled iPhone would give the industry as a whole the kickstart it so badly needs. For whatever reason, the iPhone has the attention of the mainstream consumer, and Apple's handset can sway people to pay attention to a given technology. Time will tell if the experts are right, but for now, 2011 won't only be the year of the tablet -- it'll also be the year that people started to ditch standard wallets for digital ones.
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infinityzen1 3 years ago

Not going to happen anytime soon. There are hoards of things I keep in my wallet that have nothing to do with credit cards. Drivers lic, Mil ID, CCL, membership cards, contact rosters, cash (!!!), etc. You won't see the standard wallet go anywhere until they figure out how to replace all those non-credit card items people carry. Lots of them are issued by the Government, which I don't see putting out digital copies any time soon.

Plus, what is used in Japan is more like those charge-able gift cards. They are limited to the money placed on them, rather than you entire credit limit/account balance.

coolice 3 years ago

Yep... i'd rather have a prepaid system. Why cant they adopt this in smaller places first, for example coffee shops where the transactions are tiny. the hell i'm trusting a 200$ transaction on my cell phone. Just saying, at least for now.

rapid1 3 years ago

I don't know really as from what I have heard most smart phones have actually been equipped with the machinery needed to do this for a whole generation now, and all of the new stuff coming is. I also know that my drivers license in GA is already digital, and can be scanned to pull up my information. SO it would seem to be only one step off of having it on a device in the cloud to me. Since the military often is ahead of everyone on technology, and most people using debit cards rather than carrying cash, it would seemingly be an easy transition across the board. At least for everything except business cards which can also be done now as well. Everything in my smart phone as well as available in the cloud, Hmmmmm!

inspector 3 years ago

Coolice, that's just saying you won't use a credit card to pay for anything over the price of $200... This is just a credit card in another form...

Also doesn't the iphone have something similar to this? I can't remember what it was but i think i saw something similar to this.

coolice 3 years ago

Well, thing is, i dont know indepth as to how the technology will work. I mean, yes i know theres a nfc chip that will help with the transaction, BUT, will the transaction data go through my phone and through my wireless carrier? Thats what i'm assuming right now... and if thats the case, no way i'm using my phone for large transactions... ever wonder how those celebrity cell phone pics get leaked?? the same can happen with this, just sayin,

Unless, its like, the nfc chip and phone is just used for identification and the transaction details are handed by the stores systems. where, similar to a credit card, the numbers are recorded from my phone and into their systems. then again, and I'm just thinking, wouldnt it be possible for someone to create a small device that they can put in their pockets. and if i have my phone and that person is nearby, lets say in the bus, where the proximity i just a few inches, hacking a phone isnt hard at all.

I know my situations are all over the top... but it would make sense if it were a prepaid system, similar to what they have in japan/ hong kong/ s.korea.... sometimes i cant help but wonder, north american society just wants you to spend spend spend!

kileskhons 2 years ago

Yes! Later this year, we can able to pay for clothes, taxi fare, and dinner with mobile phones and leave our credit cards and cash at home. I think its really cool but if we lost mobile then its horrible, hackers can easily got all things from mobile.

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