‘Mob Wives’ Actress Suing Rockstar Games Over GTA 5 For Making Character Based On Her Life

It's said the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and towards that end, the daughter of a mafia kingpin is accusing Rockstar Games of having used her story without her permission in Grand Theft Auto V. Her name is Karen Gravano, daughter of Salvatore Gravano (otherwise known as Sammy the Bull) and former star of the reality show Mob Wives.

Gravano filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday claiming that Rockstar Games ripped off her image and real-life story to create the in-game character Antonia Bottino and the incidents surrounding her.

Chop the Dog

"Notwithstanding the fact that plaintiff has the utmost respect for the writers and creators of the Grand Theft Auto V video gamer... her story is unique and hers to tell," the filing states, according to Daily News.

In the game, Bottino gets rescued by one of the main characters after she's buried alive off the side of a dirt road. She then recounts how her father became the target of a murder charge, which forced he and his family to bounce around safe houses. Eventually he would become a snitch, making enemies along the way.

Gravano is seeking $20 million in compensation plus another $20 million in punitive damages.
Via:  Daily News
IanBabbitt 9 months ago

Jesus Christ, haven't these people ever heard of "satire and parody"?

AdamWalters 9 months ago

Dude! It's her life!!

BurntChz 9 months ago

How sad is it when your life reads like a screwed up story line from a game like GTA? :)

CliffVincent 9 months ago

i hope she goes to jail or her crimes

CliffVincent 9 months ago

yeah and she was a psycho bitch that needs to go to jail... i assume :P

BenjaminThalborne 9 months ago

Seriously, another. I bet that when actors and other famous people found out how much money this game made they just started playing it to try and find the smallest things they could try and sue them for.

IllWill 9 months ago

Trevor took "Antonia Bottino" to the cult, did this happen to her as well?

"Gravano is seeking $20 million in compensation plus another $20 million in punitive damages."

If she gets $40 million, I'm suing for $10 million next... I swear Franklin's story mirrors my own story of trying to get out the hood and make something better out of my life... oh wait that's every young black males story... Damn never mind :P

JefferyPruett 9 months ago

1st time I saw this I lol'd funny

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