Microsoft's Bing Search Being Blocked By Browsers Over Bad Security Certificate

Poor Bing. Microsoft's search engine has been having quite the challenge in trying to inch closer to Google's marketshare, and incidents like this ongoing one do little to help. If you try to visit the secure version of Bing (using https:// instead of http://) right now, you'll be greeted to an error instead of the website. You can see an example of the error in the image below, which was captured with Google's Chrome. Any Web browser will issue a similar warning.

It'd be easy to jump on the "Microsoft is too inept to handle SSL certs!" bandwagon, but this issue actually has nothing to do with the Redmond company. Instead, the blame falls (likely) entirely on its content delivery system, operated by Akamai, as the error above again states. It's not only Bing that's having issues, either; NBA's official site is experiencing the same issues (as of the time of writing, it's not even issuing an error, so it seems SSL has simply been disabled.

If there's a lesson to learn here, it's that third-parties can mess-up and cause your business to halt - but that's hardly been an unknown. What is a bit surprising here is that the issue hasn't been fixed already - it's been ongoing for at least two days.

Via:  Ars Technica
GriffinNowak one year ago

Not all that surprising. I mean honestly. Who uses bing?

RWilliams one year ago

I do ;-)

MayhemMatthew one year ago

This means that someone is trying to access bing.

realneil one year ago

What's Bing?

(sounds like the name of a Cherry)

Clixxer one year ago

I know a buddy of mine took the bing challenge and bing won. Then he tried to use it everyday and within an hour or so he had Google back as his homepage. 

mhenriday one year ago

I don't know who is using Bing - or why anyone would choose to do so - but I do know that Microsoft is using all the tricks it can pull out its sleeve to force Bing on unwitting consumers - just take a look at what happens when some poor soul who has purchased a Windows 8 computer, tries to install, say, Skype. One of the major tasks in our organisation for computer-interested retirees is, after installing Classic Shell in order to make it possible to use Win8 boxes in the first place, is to help the owners set Google as the standard search engine in IE10 (the next task is to install Firefox and/or Chrome, so they can avoid IE)....


realneil one year ago

Windows Update keeps trying to install Bing on my PC every time I check for new files. I ~right-click~ on the update and try to hide it, but they keep turning it back on. It's a real PITA.

3vi1 one year ago

>> It'd be easy to jump on the "Microsoft is too inept to handle SSL certs!" bandwagon

It's easier to jump on the "Microsoft is too inept t handle SSL at all" bandwagon. Accept the certificate and continue to the site, and you'll soon realize that it's using http, not https.

Bing doesn't support https - it's always just redirected you to http. So, while you thought you were searching securely, you weren't.

Kidbest100 one year ago

UGhhhhhhh... Bing... *Facepalm*

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