Microsoft Selling "Four Times" As Many WP8 Phones As WP7 Phones, But What Does It Mean?

There's good news and bad. First, the good. According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, his company is selling "four times" as many Windows Phone handsets as this time last year, and he's attributing that in large part to Windows Phone 8 being available across three of America's four largest carriers. But here's the bad news: no one outside of Microsoft truly knows what that means. It's impossible to really put a target on something so vague, and given that Microsoft isn't telling how many WP7 products it sold during the holidays last year, there's no true way to compare.

Ballmer, speaking this week at a shareholder meeting, said: "Windows Phone 8 has been on sale for a few weeks and is off to a great start." But of course, cheer-leading is to be expected. The only other major product in Microsoft's portfolio where it has been intentionally vague on numbers is the Surface, which most reports believe hasn't done too well compared to the iPad. Research groups that track mobile market share have pegged Windows Phone at around five percent in recent quarters, but it'll be interesting to see if WP8 enables it to gain any ground.

The OS may be pretty, but the ecosystem is bare and the app marketplace is still largely a ghost town. It most certainly won't be an easy road to #2 or #3.
Via:  Bloomberg
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MCaddick 2 years ago

Why is this bullpoop about there being no apps still being peddled?

There are very few types of apps that don't have their own WP versions, or at least equivalents. At least there aren't 30,000 fart apps.

As always, its the apps you use and need that make or break a platform, and while there are a few shortcomings at least 8/10 apps which people use on other platforms are represented in WP in some form.

sackyhack 2 years ago

Yeah my friend has W8 phone and he says the app store doesn't feel like it's lacking too much. There certainly aren't the same numbers as Apple's or Android's, but the apps aren't what's holding the phone back. If I had to guess, market saturation with established brands. No matter how good the W8 phone is, "iPhone" and "droid" are drilled into the average customer's heads so much that it's hard to notice any other options.

ricofrost 2 years ago

Well from what i remember they sold 4 million lumia 900s so around 16 million is a good guess.

Each week i see more and more apps on the app store, within another few months there will be more then enough for app junkies :P

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