Microsoft Research Demos Kinect Real-Time Sign Language Translation

Microsoft’s Kinect is nothing short of impressive, but it can used for much more than just entertaining games. Microsoft Research Asia is developing the Kinect Sign Language Translator system which translates sign language into text or speech (and vice versa) in real time.

Microsoft Research Asia has been working with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Union University on the project in China, and in the collaboration between engineers, educators, and sign language practitioners has resulted in working demos that are amazing.

Kinect Sign Language Translator

The Kinect-based system can capture signs made by a person; recognize the meaning of it using the sign itself as well as body positioning and posture; and then it translates the signs into spoken language or written words. There’s an avatar in the Kinect system that will translate the spoken words of the hearing person into signs for the hearing-impaired person on the other end.

The system is also designed to communicate between Chinese sign language and American Sign Language (ASL), which use different gestures.

Kinect Sign Language Translator

Although this is still a research prototype, progress is being made at a rather brisk pace; hopefully this excellent technology will emerge mature and fully-formed soon. Microsoft Research says that there are over 20 million hearing-impaired people in China and about 360 million worldwide.
Roth one year ago

I've seen some interesting use of the Microsoft Kinect. The most impressive use I've seen so far is that paranormal investigators have been using it to document paranormal activity such as this episode of Ghost Adventures:

It's also been seen used in the latest Paranormal Activity movie, Paranormal Activity 4.

ajm531 one year ago

I dont think using it to catch fake sounds and images for their show is as impressive as helping real people or for those that believe in this sort of stuff helping alive individuals that have a disability such as not being able to hear or to some degree even teach others how to sign to communicate with those who are deaf. but thats my personal opinion.

Okami123 one year ago

It seems to me that most people don't use kinect, also if they wanna make the kinect a big deal, the need to add more games to it.

ajm531 one year ago

hmmmm i mean more games are a good thing but this will get it much more attention if its actually more useful than just letting people copy dance moves from an on screen avatar.

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