Microsoft Releases IE9 Beta; Do We Yawn or Pay Attention?

Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled its Internet Explorer 9 public beta to the world. However, with Internet Explorer market share continuing to drop, and drop, while Chrome and Firefox make major inroads the question is: do we care?

As an end user, in the past, we really wouldn't care about an IE release. We moved first for Firefox, and as it became more bloated and unstable, and as Chrome extensions appeared, on to Chrome. Are things any different this time, and should end users care about IE9?

Microsoft's latest browsers have been more standards compliant, and that includes IE9, which fully embraces HTML5. Microsoft's latest browser iterations have trailed in terms of speed, and although Microsoft claims that IE9 has better JavaScript performance than previous versions, it's still slower than Chrome, at least according to these benchmarks. However, it's clear that Microsoft has finally made enough improvements in speed to make it a reasonable option: you're not going to feel like a snail compared to Chrome and Firefox, and in fact IE9 surpassed Firefox in some of the benchmarks. In fact, Microsoft is quick to point out that IE9 can even use your graphics card to handle page rendering and animation.

Your mileage, of course, will vary.

What does IE9 offer besides speed? Here are the new features:

Pinned Sites: you can drag sites to the Windows Taskbar and pin them there.

One Box: This feature combines the address bar and search box into a single edit control. Seriously, it's something Chrome has had since inception, and sadly the default search engine is Bing. That means that most folks will be forced to take an extra step (come on, you know it as well as we do) and switch to Google, but oh, well. You can also install Wikipedia, Amazon, Facebook and others through the Add-On page.

Additional Tab functionality: Just as with Chrome, you can now shut down a misbehaving tab separate from the rest of IE9. Tabs can easily be detached now, and when you do so, you don't lose your place --- content, even YouTube continue to render.

Download manager: We'll just add the word "Finally" here and leave it at that. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, they all had some sort of this type of functionality, so it's been long awaited.

IE9 looks to be a very good browser, or at least, it's shaping up that way. For the first time in a few version, it may in fact be a decent challenger to Firefox and Chrome. However, remember that IE 9 Beta is just that, still a beta. You may encounter bugs, so keep that in mind if you decide to try it.

Where to download? Come right here.
Via:  Engadget
acarzt 4 years ago

I tried dl'ing this earlier but it was being a PITA and I had to go to work... so i'll give it a try later. :-P

animatortom 4 years ago

Oh just release it already will ya! If it is not going to be any major jump, but just an update like everything else they do then would it really matter! The only reason people are waiting for these new builds is in hopes that it will fix the issues that are buggin them!

I am currently using the SP1 evaluation Build 7601, and I dont really see any difference. My autoplay still does now like to have anything pluged in permenantly. Still everytime I start the computer, every user sees the WD external and tries to autoplay it and wont auto index it. Then it doesnt auto recognize the WiMAX until you have to open it. And their cool new DVD Maker still destroys the aspect ratio after a certain period when making DVD's.

If they really wanted to do something for thier customers then come out with a SSD toolbox, and make everything else work.... You Tools!:P

slugbug 4 years ago

I haven't used IE for a few years and don't plan to anytime soon.

Super Dave 4 years ago

Yawn. I don't see any reason to give-up my Chrome.

animatortom 4 years ago

Ok Hot Hardware guys, I have downloaded this . And since then I am able to reply on the main page under the comments tab.

Yet, when I try and reply in the text editor it will not allow me to type text in the text box? I can select evrything else on the page, but it wont let me enter the text protion of the page?

I am pointing it to something dumb in the new IE9 interface. Any ideas?

animatortom 4 years ago

Now I can say You SHOULD RUN AWAY!!!!

The only thing different is a dorky new GUI, and it actually makes it more annoying that the search bar is integrated into the address bar!

After trying the Betas of IE9 and SP1, I now know that they are solely designed to give someone else full control of your computer! the only thing I saw it do was collect information and make things stop working!

It is bad enough that companies have nothing better to develop than new ways to control what has already been developed. Now they are trying to get everyone to have everything from the TV to the microwave constantly connected to the Internet so they can monitor exactly what they want to. Then they are trying to get everyone to actually pay for online automatic backup websites. I mean seriously if you actually pay for a service to take all your computers info, banking numbers and stock portfolios, then you can never complain when all that stuff goes missing! Pretty soon they will have your toilet hooked up to an ISP so they can secretly monitor your stool to make sure you are eating right!

Now that I have removed both, everything is working better!

digitaldd 4 years ago

With Windows 7 style features it won't be coming to XP, thats OK though.


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