Microsoft Officially Debuts Surface at $499, the Devil’s in the Details

Apple fans have long ooed and ahh’d over the fine details in Apple products, and Steve Jobs famously obsessed over every design and manufacturing tidbit, but Microsoft rivals that level of detail with the Surface, which use over 200 custom components.

Panos Panay took the stage to demo the Surface at a press event today, and the theme of the day was attention to detail. For example, the Touch Cover is just 3mm thick, but it features a touchpad and a pressure-sensitive keyboard, and it attaches securely to the Surface. Panos actually held the Surface upside-down, secured only by its magnetic connection to the Touch Cover. The bank of magnets keeping the two together includes a “flux mountain of magnets” that uses both clamping and alignment magnets.

Microsoft Surface event

The kickstand that props up the Surface received due attention, as well. It uses three custom hinges that were built to give users the same caliber of experience as opening and closing a high-end car door. Microsoft also configured the front and rear cameras to sit at angles (roughly 22 degrees) that are ideal for video chatting or recording, for example, a classroom lecture, so the video looks nice. There’s also a microSD slot behind the kickstand for additional storage.

The display is built to not only look good, but it’s strong--strong enough to survive a drop on stage, which Panos did purposefully to prove his point. Made from Gorilla Glass 2.0, the display is optically bonded for low reflectivity and features high contrast for darker blacks and brighter whites.

Microsoft Surface event

Further, the team decided on a 10.6-inch display (16:9 aspect ratio) to make it easier for apps to run side-by-side; Windows 8 and RT let users multitask with one app front and center and another windowed off to the side.

Other features include up about 10 hours of battery life even when playing movies, 2x2 MIMO WiFi antennae for superior WiFi performance, and one-touch media sharing between devices through Xbox using Smart Glass

Microsoft Surface event

Is the Surface also a bona fide notebook? We’ll say no, because Microsoft made it seem like almost an afterthought in the presentation. Still, with the secure keyboard/Touch Cover, Office apps on board, and powerful multitasking, it certainly can offer notebook-like experience.

The Surface tablet is available tonight online or at Microsoft stores for $499 for the 32GB version.
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rapid1 2 years ago

I have to hand it to them it sounds like they have a nice piece of equipment I heard that big Steve referred to it several times as magical while on stage and I am sure another Steve is rolling over at that one but really it seems to have a lot of fruit whether it be in the product or the thought. Either way the product sound nice and seems to be very versatile as well as functional as well.

sevags 2 years ago

It is the little things that matter... Super sturdy kickstand, calculated weight distribution inside the surface to make it both comfortable to hold and designed to not fall out of the hand as easy, 22 degree angled cameras, actual multitasking, and free office....

I really hope MS see's success with the Surface especially the Pro once released...

imAcpufan 2 years ago

It's nice to see Microsoft step up to the plate. While I'm already deep into the Android ecosystem, with game and app purchases, I'm definitely going to keep my eye on the Surface Pro...possibly as a laptop replacement later on.

realneil 2 years ago

I like the laptop that I have now, and I can get replacement Laptops for less than this costs.

I'll sit this one out, thank you.

sevags 2 years ago

Realneil but your laptop and replacement laptop aren't as portable as the surface and won't have a touch screen at a lower price point. It's all about what your needs are and some people either need a physical keyboard or don't need a touch screen. You also didn't mention if you own a tablet as well? If someone wants to own a laptop and tablet (as I currently do now) it's more convenient and cheaper to own a surface pro than the 2 seperate ones I have now.

But hopefully machines like this replace the majority of notebooks on the market within th next 3-5 years.

realneil 2 years ago

[quote user="sevags"]It's all about what your needs are [/quote]



That's why I don't want one. My needs are covered for now,........

I do have an iPad 2nd generation that one of my kids gave me, and my (actually two) laptops are portable enough to take places and ~use~ while I'm there. Smile

I just can't justify spending the money for this Surface Tablet when I already have enough good technology on hand to use when I need it.

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