Microsoft Launches New Surface Ad, This Time with More Substance, Less Dancing

We're not ones to begrudge a company that wants to get jiggy with its latest product, and if you're into the whole flash mob scene, Microsoft's Surface tablet may be just the thing for you, or at least that's the impression Surface's first ad spot gave. There is, of course, much more to Surface than that, like the fact that it has a USB port and a microSD card slot, either of which can be viewed as a trump card when going head-to-head with the iPad. These are things the masses should know about, and in a follow-up ad, Microsoft does a much better job introducing the world the Surface. Have a look for yourself:

If you weren't excited about the Touch Cover or Type Cover before, it's hard not to be after watching the above ad. And that's the whole point of a commercial, to educate and excite its viewers.


Surface with Windows RT, if you're not aware, is now available for pre-order on Microsoft's website. The starting price is $499 for a 32GB model that doesn't include a Touch Cover, or $599 with a Touch Cover. There's also a 64GB model, with Touch Cover, that Microsoft has priced at $699. Still feel like dancing?
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rapid1 2 years ago

That my friends is a very good advertisement!

3vi1 2 years ago

"And the keyboard has no travel at all, so its like pretending to type on a table!!".... wait wait... cut that last part out.

If this thing wasn't guaranteed to have Restricted Boot set up so that it would only run Windows 8, I might think it was worth a look... as is, it's not as appealing as a less expensive iPad with one of the add-on keyboards that has real clicks and will sit up properly in your lap while you're on the bus or a train.

JDiaz 2 years ago

You mean the more expensive iPad, the 32GB iPad cost $599 and that's without keyboard, cover, port adapters, and card reader. All of which would be included with the Surface at the same $599 price.

Besides, you can get similar physical accessory keyboards for the Surface as well, not to mention the Type Cover which specifically has physical keys!

For the restricted Boot... At least one Firmware company has stated they can make a custom dual boot firmware if any system maker asks them to... There just needs to be enough demand.

While Fedora and Redhat will work with Secure Boot as it is, Canonical has a special boot loader to allow Ubuntu to work and the Linux Foundation is working on their own solution to allow any 3rd party software to work with Secure Boot.

So we'll see how restricted it is in a few months...

3vi1 2 years ago

>> You mean the more expensive iPad,

You're forgetting that you going to have to send the Surface off to be repaired - if Microsoft keeps to their track record on first gen hardware.

semitope 2 years ago

It's a standard ad. when does the $249 on come out -_-

JDiaz 2 years ago

They may not offer it that low anytime soon, though it'll depend if MS wants to offer any promotional deals. Like they could justify a good price drop if coupled with say a 2 year XBox Live Gold membership subscription.

Though if all you need is a good web browser, Google announced a 11.6" Cortex A15 based ARM version of the Chromebook that's priced at $249 for the base model that's WiFi only and has only 16GB... Only about 6 1/2 hours max run time, and doesn't have the Ethernet port like the Intel version does, but is pretty thin and light.

ricofrost 2 years ago

As demand is high I cant see the price dropping but then again i think the price is rather good. I'm not after a high res screen I have not need for it, but i love the fact it comes with office and has a USB port, video out port, microSD port, keyboard cover and more. I cant stand the iOS interface and I am really looking forward to running windows 8.

For me it has a lot more to offer then the Ipad or any Android base tablet.

arism0902 2 years ago

And the keyboard has no travel at all, so its like pretending to type on a table!!".... wait wait... cut that last part out.

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