Microsoft Gives Mixed Signals on Fate of DirectX

After freaking out the gaming community with an email that seemed to signal the end of DirectX, Microsoft is now assuring everyone that DirectX is alive and well. The Microsoft XNA toolset is what’s being cut loose.

Microsoft Download Center for DirectX
It looks like DirectX isn't going anywhere, after all.

The confusion arose from an email that was sent to DirectX/XNA MVPs by Microsoft. The email told MVPs that the MVP Award Program for DirectX/XNA would be retired by April 1 of 2014, giving many people the impression that both components were being put out to pasture. After a flurry of news reports on the topic, Mary Jo Foley got to the bottom of the issue: Microsoft goofed. The company confirmed that the email was inaccurate so far as DirectX is concerned, and that “Microsoft is actively investing in DirectX…”

So, it looks like this is a lot to do about nothing – at least for DirectX. The lack of support for XNA isn’t surprising, as Microsoft has been discouraging its use in mobile game and Windows 8 game development.
Via:  ZDNet
3vi1 one year ago

You'd have to be nuts to think MS would torpedo DirectX, when it's all they support on the XBox360. If MS announce the 720 was moving to OpenGL, my head would explode like that guy from Scanners.

volatile one year ago

That, and taking DirectX out of the picture would just lend further support to Valve's Linux push. I mean, if developers were already basing their games on OpenGL/AL anyway, there's no benefit to Windows over any other platform (hopefully this happens on the developers' end of things anyway, I'd love to be able to fully kick 7 to the curb for Mint/Ubuntu)

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