Microsoft Details Dates, Versions of Office 2010

Microsoft plans to release its Office 2010 software suite in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, making it the first Office suite to support both versions. As its name suggests, both versions will be available sometime next year. In a statement, a Microsoft spokesperson said "Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft Visio 2010, and Microsoft Project 2010 are scheduled to enter technical preview in the third quarter of 2009 and become available in the first half of 2010." After the productivity suite is shipped to manufacturers, Chris Capossela, senior vice president, Microsoft Office has said it takes six weeks to four months or more to reach PC users.

Applications included in Office 14 suite are Word 14, Excel 14, Powerpoint 14, Outlook 14, Access 14, InfoPath Designer 14, InfoPath Filler 14, Publisher 14, Groove 14, InterConnect 14, SharePoint Designer 14, OneNote 14, Visio 14, and Project 14.

One of the most significant new features of Office 2010 is the addition of a Web-based version of the software. Microsoft announced this feature at its Professional Developer Conference in Los Angeles last September. The company has said there will be a free, ad-supported version. Microsoft is still working out fees for businesses who want a version without ads. A Web-based version would make it possible for Office to run on Linux or the Apple iPhone.

Office 2010 was formerly known by its codename, Office 14. As you’ll recall, Office 2007 was codenamed Office 12. Microsoft skipped “13” because it was supposedly suspicious and superstitious about the connotations associated with the number. Screenshots of the latest Office suite (in beta mode) were leaked in January.

Combined with Windows Vista, Office 2010 is set to push 64-bit onto the masses. Until Office 2010, the suite has only been available in the 32-bit flavor. The benefits of running Office in a 64-bit environment may not seem very exciting at first, but it could help expedite 64-bit adoption among other vendors. Moving to 64 bits also provides the ability to take advantage of more RAM than the 4GB limit that exists with 32-bit OSes. Theoretically, 64-bit systems can support up to 16.8 million terabytes, though other system limitations make that quantity of RAM unfeasible at the present time. In addition, users who access large databases and spreadsheets as well as those who use multiple programs simultaneously could benefit from the move to 64-bit.

Microsoft also plans to roll out Service Pack 2 for the Office 2007 suite on April 28th.

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squid267 5 years ago

Wait if its 2010 why are they calling it Office 14?? Shouldn't it be Word 10?

Jennifer J 5 years ago

The screenshots were released before the software received its Office 2010 name.

yoda8232 5 years ago

This will lag up so many old computers as the 2007 applications do now to old PC's

yoda8232 5 years ago

This will probably lag out older PC's as 2007 does now to older PC's.

3vi1 5 years ago

Office 2010 advantages over OpenOffice:

#3: Waiting on install of Project 14 is a great excuse for why your project is behind schedule.

#2: Visio 14 includes root cause analysis template that can help you determine why you paid for this upgrade.

#1: Can now spellcheck Klingon embedded in Excel spreadsheets.

yoda8232 5 years ago

Hahaha, so true I get your point. :P

CryHavoc 5 years ago

Spellcheck in Klingon?!! Its about time! Once we invade the earth, we will have a Word Processing program to use for Domination!! Once we control MS, other alien language versions of the software will follow.

Other Office 2010 Features:

PC Filter/Overlay: No more nasty or foul words in MS Office again! The PC filter replaces terms like 'filthy (*&(^%$! Politicians!" with 'cereberally challenged elected official' and "Malevolent spirit' with 'living/attitude challenged." This should be a hit with the educators!

Microsoft Filter/Overlay: Bill got tired of people bashing Windows and Windows products, so all unflattering references to MS will be removed upon mandatory scan before saving. Later versions will include annihilation hardware capabilities to exterminate the most vocal protesters.

A new generation of MS Office Macro Virii: Extensible Markup Language and Office Documents....even now I bet the Open Source people are gearing up for the fun......

Adware versions will be shipped to non-paying customers. Once the MS AdEngine is installed, MS will sell time on the aforementioned to all sorts of annoying marketers;  just what the user needs as they are typing up a annoying and vocal ad about penis enhancement tools!

MS Works Kill filter tools: Finds and erases any MS Works installation it finds. ( Why couldn't they have thought of this sooner? MS Works was a PITA to support.)

kallaz 5 years ago

it's the 14 th iteration of Office, that's why

saxman 5 years ago

Skipped #13? Really, do they not think that anyone would figure that office 2008 should have been #13? Must be trying to not make windows users feel left out.

Der Meister 5 years ago

lol... I cant wait! lol

digitaldd 5 years ago

Didn't they go from office 2.0 to like office 6.0 way back in the 1990's... The reason was to keep the Windows & DOS version numbers in sync.

Anonymous 5 years ago

Umm, Maybe they skipped 13 for the same reason some buildings do.

srdhas 5 years ago

just want so say some thing "great job"

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RBaerlocher 4 years ago

I have Windows 7 64 bit with 8 gigs of RAM for gaming, and mutiple office applications at once. I loaded office 2007, when the computer was built, and every time I used multiple files it crashed until Microsoft techs helped. The 64 bit Ofiice 14 is an absolute necessity where you are working in a busy office, and the engineers and secretaries are working with multiple applications. As much as people want to blame Microsoft for many of their computer problems, they do attempt to fix whatever is found to be the problems. Whether that is software or hardware. Microsofts tech's reeally do go all out to help the customers. I just wish that MS would get Office 2010 on the market. This would give me additional capabilities just before this election cycle. I am looking at a windows based wireless video security system, that is solar powered, as well as the entire house being on the same wireless system. This adds to the home security and the ease of using as computer even if you are in bed because of disabilities, or just relaxing!

3vi1 4 years ago

>> and every time I used multiple files it crashed until Microsoft techs helped.

And you're praising them for making a product that needs technical intervention to work as advertised?  Their techs may have been good to you, but it sounds like their software was not up to par with the competition.

So, I'll just have to kindly agree to disagree:  Almost no one needs Office 14.  99.999% of the population will get along just as fine with OpenOffice, KOffice, or one of the many other free solutions (that generally don't crash when you use multiple files).

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