Microsoft Continues To Have A PS4 Problem, Xbox One Outsold By 2 Million Units

Comparatively, the numbers don’t look great for Microsoft: The company has sold 5 million Xbox One consoles so far--which by itself seems a fine number--but competitor Sony has sold 7 million PS4s. That’s quite a margin of difference, although there’s are some nuances to consider, too.

According to Geekwire, the PS4 is available in some 72 countries, while the Xbox One is in just 13 markets. Looked at that way, it’s possible that the Xbox One may actually be selling better in certain markets. (It’s impossible to tell, though, because those specific numbers aren’t available.)

Xbox One
Xbox One

Still, 2 million more units sold is 2 million more units sold however you slice it. A big problem that Microsoft has to overcome at the outset is price. The Xbox One costs $500 while the PS4 will run you $400. For gamers vacillating on which platform to jump into, that weighs heavily into the decision.


Of course, Microsoft is not standing pat; for instance, its Titanfall bundle costs $499 on Amazon, which seriously increases the value of the total package and makes the prospect more appealing. And so the console wars continue.
Via:  Geekwire
RJeffries 8 months ago

I was anxious initially but, I'm glad I held out! The Games I care about are on PC and my PC Trumps both systems!

elkhorn 8 months ago

Both of my grandkids wanted a PS 3 instead of the PS 4 for Christmas!

SeanDawson 8 months ago

Maybe if MS hadn't insulted gamers by trying to get rid of used games and tried to make all games tied to internet access, they wouldn't have this problem. Those things made the decision for the PS4 easy for me. (an XBox360 owner). They will be paying for that insult for a long time.

ErnieSturgill 8 months ago

Honestly what do sales long as someone enjoys what their playing who cares.

KyleChessman 8 months ago

I enjoy playing MiniDiscs, but due to poor sales I can't find them/listen to them unless I record them myself.

JMeloni 8 months ago

PC > all

OfficialPCMasterrace 8 months ago

This is what happens when you make a watered down PC with hardware so weak it can't even run games at 1080p/60FPS and try passing it off as a "unique gaming experience".

BobBoby 8 months ago

Thats why most AAA games dont even make it to PC.Graphics are not everything btw

TylerVieira 8 months ago


EzHunt 8 months ago

You can have your ugly lil games with less players and smaller maps- dumbed down so they run on your sorry lil chit. Devs should stop making games for consoles- 3x the money is lost on them- ya it cost less to make the lil ugly less player small map games and do not have to make them kb and mouse friendly- but few console players spend his own money- his mom buys his unit- they rent games or buy used and most borrow or lend- few buy games or just out retail- even then 3 more poor silly bastards can plug into his unit that has never and might not ever spend a dime in his life on the gaming industry.. PC players buy his own unless he is a hack pirating communist socialist marxist feel the world owes them something excuse making for his less quality cheap AMD hardware user- 9 of 10 Intel and Nvidia users buy his own.

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