Microsoft Apologizes with Free V-Day Zunes

Remember the Red 80GB Zune that Microsoft announced in mid-January? A nice idea for Valentine's Day, especially with special limited time Zune Originals artwork. Unfortunately, the best-laid plans ....

Microsoft is e-mailing customers who are on the cusp of not receiving their special Zune orders on time, saying that while they are trying their best to get orders out in time, they might not make it. Maybe your Valentine won't mind, however, because Microsoft says that they are refunding customer's money, too. If you're one of the unlucky people to be sitting on the cusp of a February 14 delivery date, then all of the sudden you're not so unlucky, since you're getting a free Zune out of the deal.

Nice move, and the right one!

Via:  Ars Technica
jeffb 6 years ago
Love'em or hate'em, that's a class move on Microsoft's part. I've had the Zune 80GB ($250) since Christmas and absolutely love it. I am envious of those who will be getting one for free.
recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

I've contemplated picking up a Zune... how does it stack up against other players?

jeffb 6 years ago
I haven't had much to compare it to. I used to have a 5GB Rio Carbon, which simply doesn't come close to the Zune. Seeing how I run 64-Bit Vista, an Ipod is out of the question and I've briefly checked out my brother's Ipod and wasn't impressed. The Zune isn't perfect, but I think it has the features to compete well. My only hesitation was that it's a 80GB hard drive rather than flash memory. Haven't had any issues so far and the thing is quick, has a terrific video screen and the menu/touchpad is nice too. Has Wireless built in, but it's pretty slow in my opinion, so I never use it. Battery life is supposedly 30 hours playing music and four hours for video. Haven't done any all out tests, but seems to be spot on as long as the wireless is turned off. People rave about the earbud that came with it, I think they were junky. Bought $20 Sony buds and the sound is much better. Zune has no EQ either, but I have to say, I don't miss it. Audio is superb and even the FM radio has excellent quality and reception.
recoveringknowitall 6 years ago


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