Microsoft Announces Two New Desktop Mice

Goodbye, Boring Beige Mouse: Microsoft Recharges Peripheral Perception With Innovative New Mice

New hybrid mouse delivers desktop mouse comfort with notebook mouse portability; rechargeable mouse offers high-end technology at affordable price point.

REDMOND, Wash. Feb. 5, 2008 Microsoft Corp. today added two new desktop mice to its line of award-winning input devices with the new Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 and Wireless Laser Mouse 7000, giving consumers more choice and flexibility in their computing experience. The Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 debuts a new desktop mouse design, combining a full-size mouse for supreme comfort with a portable snap-in transceiver for easy mobility. Microsoft also announced the Wireless Laser Mouse 7000, offering top-notch technology and recharging at an affordable price point. Both mice come packed with high-end technology features in sleek designs to deliver supreme performance and comfort ...

Der Meister 6 years ago

 the mozda is really nice i have driven my room mates, and I love my 98 honda accord.I would say thakt them for a test drive and see which one you like better. 


I think i would go with the mazda though i'm just not a fan of the current honda front end's 

Lev_Astov 6 years ago
ice91785 6 years ago

[quote user="Lev_Astov"]?????[/quote] 

That's it! Lev you totally made up my mind........haha 

Super Dave 6 years ago
I have owned 5 Mazdas and I believe they build great vehicles (I am really quite perplexed as to why Mazda is not more mainstream). Consumer Reports Magazine likes the Mazda 3, too, and you might want to purchase one of their annual buyer's guides and read their reviews of the 3 and the Civic. I suggest you call your insurance company in advance and compare rates before you buy, as the Civic is probably more likely to be stolen. That Mazda 6 is sweet, too!
ice91785 6 years ago

[quote user="Super Dave"]I suggest you call your insurance company in advance and compare rates before you buy[/quote] 

I called them a few days back and they told me that but just going by the make/model of the vehicle the insurance was comparable (about $120-130 a month for either).


Good advice though buddy, thank you! : ) I will look into some consumer reports articles and see what I can dig up....once again I appreciate it 

ryan92084 6 years ago

[quote user="Super Dave"] (I am really quite perplexed as to why Mazda is not more mainstream) [/quote]

prolly because their commercials are awful

Super Dave 6 years ago

[quote user="ryan92084"]prolly because their commercials are awful[/quote] 

Yes, they are. But go test-drive a rotary RX-8 and you will be amazed! Zoom zoom zoom.

mentaldisorder 6 years ago

I'm personally biased to Subaru.  However, I'd say mazda3. 

ice91785 6 years ago

My o My...I think EVERYONE I haved talked to or heard from seems to like Mazda over Honda.......I don't think I would have expected it.


Well I am off to test drive the Civic and then probably check out the Mazda again for a 2nd test drive. Anything in particular I should look for aside from general feel and response to braking/acceleration? 

Super Dave 6 years ago
Drive the RX-8 while you are there...just for the heck of it!Stick out tongue
Grahf 6 years ago

Mazda3 for sure. RX8 is nice but you'd probably like the Mazda3 better in the long run. RX8 is a lot more sporty looking, that's for sure. Cobalt is also a decent choice if you're not adverse to American cars (consumer reports hates all American cars regardless of anything). The reason most people are replying with the Mazda over the Honda is that they probably don't like barely being able to accelerate getting onto the interstate Wink

Drago 6 years ago

Heck Ice if you are going to spend about 18k why not spend another 6 grand and get a real FULL SIZED car like the Mecury Gran Marquis, or the Ford Crown Victoria.  You could probably go out and find a good used car that was owened by an older couple that has been babied, and pay alot less, and get more of a car.  IMO those lil shat cars dont have enough metal around them to suit me, and they ride rougher than a school bus without shocks.  If you do have to get a lil shat car then get the mazda, as honda is pure crap.  One more thing, dont pay sticker price, if you do you are getting so ripped off.  You should be able to swing the price down about 5 grand or more from their asking price if you know how to deal well. 

Grahf 6 years ago
I wouldn't say Hondas are junk Drago. They're actually really reliable cars. It is just in terms of power the Civic doesn't quite have as much as the Mazda3 (plus the Mazda3 has about the best handling of any compact car). Also about going fullsize... when financing the difference of $6,000 is rather significant in monthly payments/interest. And no way you're getting $5000 off the MRSP of a new car, even if it is a 2007 model, $3000 tops. That's as much as you'll get shaved off. If you qualify you get more bonuses like 0% for a timeframe, etc.
Drago 6 years ago

I dont do financing, i pay cash for my cars, and that will get you better deals.  I go by the old rule of thumb, if you dont have the money to get it then you wait till you have saved enough to afford it.  I still havent gotten a new car, and may not ever, i buy used cars and get good prices on them.  Oh and yes honda's are crap, you couldnt pay me enough money to drive one of those unreliable POS. 

ice91785 6 years ago

 I think I decided upon 'de mazda -- the ride is VERY smooth, nice suspension....lotta giddy up n go and great mileage overall.

 Drago, I don't think I would ever drive a full sized car -- just too bulky and "old grandpa" for my liking. Granted the ride will never be smoother but that again I dont want to lull myself to sleep while I drive....i want to feel a LITTLE bit of the road ;)

Sticker prices are high yes. Actually I believe cost for these guys is ~ $12k so I doubt they'd take off 5k for me....but I did manage to get about double my trade-in value on my old car along with about a dozen+ free oil changes, free car washes and I am going to try and get a set of tires as well....


Haha, what else do you think i could get?! (I wouldn't mind 16" rims over the stock 15s" but i think that'd be asking quite a bit) 

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