Microsoft Already Warning Mainstream Support Of Windows 7 Ending In 2015

In a Microsoft post announcing a mostly uninteresting list of products and their respective dates for when Microsoft will terminate support for them is a notable standout: Windows 7.

Within the next six months, all versions of Windows 7 will enter the Extended Support phase, which lasts for 5 years and includes free security updates and paid hotfix support, but Mainstream Support for the popular OS will cease as of January 13, 2015. What that means in practice is that although you can rest easy knowing that Windows 7 will remain secure until 2020, it won’t be getting any new features.

Windows 7

This is standard procedure for Microsoft, and indeed the company spells out these policies fairly clearly in its FAQs.

Also in the queue for cessation of Mainstream Support is all versions of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Storage Server 2008 as well as Windows Phone 7.8.

Microsoft also announced its spate of Patch Tuesday announcements. There is a handful of them this time around, and among the most important is a cumulative security update for Internet Explorer that takes care of 24 vulnerabilities, including one that allows a remote code execution to send a user to a fake webpage via IE. If successful, the exploit could give the attacker access to admin rights on the user’s machine.
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ThomasTaege 5 months ago

If you take the time to get used to windows 8.1 it's better anyways. Still seems kind of early to pull win7 support though.

ChandlerKeithHenson 5 months ago

they have had that known for years, besides Windows 9 should be out by then

JedediahWilliams 5 months ago


basroil 5 months ago

It's not "already", since it was decided on the first day of W7's release. ALL WinNT based systems have 5+5 support, that's nothing new, and far more than any linux system (ubuntu was 1+4 for LTS, and I think now moved to 2+8)

nfs3freak 5 months ago

Not surprised. However, it'd be nice if they could make a solid OS and focus on the stability and make it have a longer lifespan. XP tends to keep living on for this reason (not that I favor it as I use 8.1).


With 9 coming out, I'm sure the one after 9 will come out the next year or two. Hurray.

MichaelDeMatteis 5 months ago

Hopefully they will offer us a operating system that works or it will be time to install Linux........

MichaelDeMatteis 5 months ago

Windows8 is a steaming pile of poop.......

5 months ago

they warning us that time is for linux :D

KhaleelSiddiquee 5 months ago

not really I've used both Windows 7 and 8 they are both good but windows 8 just has a tablet over lay and a much better look and feel. I don't like people who follow a trend of just because others hate windows 8 it means you have to too. so sad.

JamieHardin 5 months ago

other than classic shell its garbage if i wanted a tablet or smart phone i would buy one of those pieces of garbage

JoshuaJordan 5 months ago

agreed with this ^^

JoshCSanchez 5 months ago

David Serrano

DavidSerrano 5 months ago

i gatta hope w9 wins me better than w8 lol

BenFletcher 5 months ago

That's one way to send people over to the Unix side.

PeterMorrisonKirk 5 months ago

Linkfix again.....

AgnyzKcus 5 months ago

Got to be kidding just bought 2 copies of w7 ultimate and 1 copy of w7 HP, also have w8.1 on a laptop and formatted it to w7U

PaulBrown 5 months ago

It never worked as well as xp had a number of problems with my printer it fails to work and i have tried all the hints and tips at least in p when the drivers were installed it never had any problems .

PaulBrown 5 months ago

If anyone does decide to switch to linux i recommend giving linux mint 17 a go it works faster on my old acer 1640 laptop than xp does laptop is about 8 years old and mint 17 is supported till 2019 .

basroil 5 months ago

Why bother with Mint 17 if Windows 7 is supported one year longer? Mint 17 only has 5 years total support (as opposed to 10 for Windows 7 and 8), of which only 2 years are feature support. That means that Mint 17 gets new features for less time than Windows 8 ( which was released before) and doesn't get bug fixes for as long as Windows 7!

TButtons 5 months ago

Sorry I don't want a tablet OS on my desktop or laptop.

DimitrisTousis 5 months ago


ArtemShevchenko 5 months ago

what about vista

ArtemShevchenko 5 months ago

ur profile picture explains it

XHCH 5 months ago


TheGreatWarMage 5 months ago

Wait? So does that mean win9 is coming late this year? I thought they were holding it off till DX12 comes out, and thought I heard it was going to be late 2015.

If removing win7 involves a win9 and DX12 release, than this is an acceptable trade off.

JeanDorais 5 months ago

Dead link

nfs3freak 5 months ago

All links seem to be working...which link is dead?

ThomasTaege 5 months ago

Ehh, the tablet function is simply there if you want to use it. If that's not your cup of tea you don't have to do anything with it. The startup is crazy fast, the search options are better and the file transfer layout is better. Most other features are either the same as win7 or better.

KimDHuus 5 months ago

And what to use instead?

ErwinMichelIlano 5 months ago

Microsoft just wants everybody to buy their os to make up for their losses such as windows 8, Xbox one, windows phone , etc.

AllenJun 5 months ago

I was kinda scared, but there will still be security updates. Before those are over I'll be on Windows 9, anyway. It must be good based on Window's versions going bad-good-bad-good.

BrendanRead 5 months ago

They're clearly trying to promote Linux

JoshuaOliva 5 months ago

Windows 7 is only really necessary for computers without SSE2 or PAE or NX bit instructions in the processor. That means most computers before 2003. Windows 8 will run on everything else mostly. There are hacks to make 8.1 work on super old hardware but you gotta do a lot of tricks and you have to redo the hack after every windows update.

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