Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse Now Available for Pre-order

At $129.99, the Cyborg M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse might be the most expensive rodent you ever buy. It's also one of the most flexible. Now available on pre-order from Mad Catz, the Cyborg M.M.O. 7 is a funktastic looking mouse for gamers with an adjustable weight system, ergonomic finger resting places, multiple buttons, and a high DPI sensor.

The DPI is adjustable from 100 to 6400 in increments of 25, allowing you to fine tune the mouse's behavior based on whether you're charging through an area like Rambo or sniping from a distance. It has 50G of acceleration, a 1,000Hz polling rate, tracking speed of up to 6m/sec, slick PTFE feet, and a gold plated USB connector attached to a braided cable.

It's the adjustable weight system that's the main attraction here. The mouse ships with five 6-gram weights with a storage canister to hold the ones you opt not to use. This is supplemented with two additional pinkie finger rests and two additional palm rests, all of which adds up to what Mad Catz claims is the world's most adjustable gaming mouse.

If this sounds right up your alley, you can put your pre-order in here.
Via:  Mad Catz
omegadraco 2 years ago

So nice a new version of Mad Catz ridiculously adjustable mouse.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

This is Ugly! What were they trying to do with it a transformer out of the movie O_o I just like how you can adjust it for large hand guys or small.if you have static in your body will be a problem if you touch this mouse.. here a quick review of a user

Erakith 2 years ago

I've -ALWAYS- loved the R.A.T series, but never bought one.

Now though, I just might.. this is delicious.

Tons of additional buttons for DotA 2 :D

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